so i sent my wii and 360 off to .....

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  1. Gus122000

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    Jun 15, 2007
    to some modder so he can install a wiinja and do this thing with my 360 so it can play backups..(its not a modchip though)
    and in exchange since i was low on cash and had two wiis i told him "ill give you my USA wii if you do that stuff and maybe something else (so we can even it out) now he kinda pulled a fast one on me.he offered to put that flashing light chip but he told me about it and i said "Pulse uv?" and he never replyed so i was assumeing it was.Now that i shipped it to him he says

    "oh no no no it's a fader chip" and im like [​IMG] thats not what i signed up for. then i asked him for 2 wiinjas one in my wii and a separate one. He hasn't said no about that one but just to make sure he wasnt pulling anymore fast ones i asked him what was i going to get again ? he said the wiinja , the install, the 360 flash thing,and the fader chips.Now i just feel pissed off and then he thinks 50$ is a fair price to install something that takes him like 15 minutes.

    30/35 dollars should be a limit price for installing a modchip.anyway so then i asked him to tally up how much is everything
    and he said "normally,the 360 ROL swap is $25 the wii disc slot is $10 and the fader chip for the wii is 15$
    honestly i dont think i want the fader chip waste of money for some stupid thing that just keeps a blue light on
    then i asked him how much was a pulse uv and he said "70$"

    then later i just told him i dont want that light crap or anything anymore for now the only thing im sure of that i want and need is the wiinja install and xbox 360 hacked update or whatever hes going to do to it
    is there anything i should ask for besides those things ? (im a little tired sorry if my post doesn't make a lot of sense.i havent slept in 24 hours
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    Nov 20, 2006
    Small tip for you in the future... before you ship off $$$$'s worth of hardware make sure that you trust the guy, know exactly what you're getting and exactly what he's going to be doing and how much he's going to want in return.
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    Jul 16, 2007
    In case you didn't know, note: Don't play any backup 360 games online, it's more than likely your console will be banned.