So I see the R4DS Revolution on dealextreme.....

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    Apr 13, 2008
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    In response to a person asking me about them, I do a quick search and get the above link.

    STFU about how the R4DS is yesterday I already know the CycloDS is the better choice.

    The included manufacture link in the page clearly goes to the R4 Ultra. Which displays the R4 Deluxe.
    As far as I am concerned, the name is R4DS Revolution, or you might be looking at a pretender.

    So what it's a pretender.

    The question is really only, do the pretenders work?
    No I don't want your damned tirade about how the CycloDS has many other features. Stay on topic.

    If I tell a person about that site, have I just shown them where they can get a product that does NOT work.

    'Does not work' = does nothing at all, not 'won't play a select handful of games'.

    After all, if a person wants to spend 10.75 for an R4 of that sort, that's their business isn't it?

    I've informed them the CycloDS is the better option myself. They know.

    The product on the link says "-Support SDHC memory cards (compatibility up to 32GB)"
    Is that bullshit?
    I only need a yes or no reply.

    Thanks for any input.
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    Panzer, wrong section, first of all!

    Second, no, no one can answer you for sure, because there are so many clones out there that chances of getting a product you ordered (and is labeled R4) are very small..

    Most of clones/flashcarts will work when you get it, but have much higher chance of blowing a fuse in your NDS, or just dieing after some time of use (reason for that is low quality of parts and build)..

    There are no R4s anymore!! It's impossible to get a real one, even if it's called R4 (without additions as Ultra, V2, Extra, REvolution etc.) it is probably a clone..

    If it says that it's compatible with micro SDHC cards, it's a clone 100% (and 90% is sure that it DOESN'T support SDHC cards)..

    Bottom point, whoever wants to buy R4 (and knows about other solutions), well deserves what s/he'll get!
  3. Canonbeat234

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    Sep 24, 2008
    Unless someone with a REAL R4DS sales one to you then you're SOL
  4. agentgamma

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    Oct 5, 2007
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    Its probably a MUCH better idea to get a DSTT or AceKard 2
  5. Porkdish

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    Jul 6, 2007

    The r4 firmware is hacked to read the sdhc card (poorly) and anything on the card after the first 2 gigs will either be ignored by the firmware or misread resulting (frequently) in the aforementioned corrupt files.
  6. kobykaan

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    Aug 27, 2007
    Will post my Review on this card ....I have one being sent to review/test and I will give my honest opinions [​IMG]
  7. JinTrigger

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    Hey I have a real much are the real ones really worth...All I've been hearing as of late is how rare they are and how many clones are out here
  8. kobykaan

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    Aug 27, 2007

    lol if your want to make a quick $$,££ on selling a real I have bought a few original R4's at £10 ($14.61) and £5 ($7.31)each so they are not worth a great deal [​IMG]
  9. Pliskron

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    I bought two $6 R4 cards just to put this nonsense to bed about poor quality and having your DS blow up in your hands. I got a $6 clone of the original R4 and it loads the last version of the original R4 firmware. The build and component quality is excellent. The card functions as it should. My R4 SDHC works the same as the original R4 but it can use SDHC cards.

    The myth "these cards are made out of poor components". The answer, not true. All flash cards manufactures most likely source from the same suppliers. The myth that you'll brick your DS if you use the official R4 firmware is also total bunk. I can't speak for the 30 plus R4 clones but I didn't flow a fuse in my DS after six months of testing.

    The truth is that these cards do exactly what they are supposed to. You will run into a few compatibility issues because these cards are based on firmware thats no longer updated. This can be overcome though the use of cheats and patching. The truth is that these cards are a good value for around six dollars. I do think you'd be better off with an Acekard or Edge, a clone of the Cyclo Evolution for about $10.

    The people who think clone cards are so bad and will brick or blow up your DS have never use them and really don't know what they are talking about. Some people just like to repeat things they hear so they can sound like an expert. So is an R4 clone worth $6? The answer is yes. Is an R4 clone worth $10? The answer is no, you can do better for $10.