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    Jul 29, 2018
    I got a extended break from College due to three breaks mixing up at the end, that gave me enough time for myself, so i played some games. One of the games i tried is Super Mario Sunshine, a game considered the "black sheep" of Mario franchise. Some may call it slow, annoying, the hardest Mario. other will claim its the best and more unique 3D Mario. I have no nostalgia feelings for SMS, this was my first time playing and finishing the game. Here in Brazil many of us grew up with the PS2, so no Nintendo games past the Super NES and N64. Actually, you've been lucky jut to SEE one NGC or Xbox here. I remember i saw it only once in my childhood, and got to play one just last year at a videogame museum.

    Since i got my new PC, GC and Wii emulation was something i always wanted to try. Stupid me should have tried it first, because bought A Hat in Time (+ DLC) on Steam, i game looked like SMS, but only gave me headashes. Never finished AHT and unnistalled it. Installed Dolphin and got SMS. Playing a collect-a-thon nowdays (or any videogame) for me is a bit hard. You get older, there's less time avaliable, and the natural lost of interest in the media. There are just few title i try to 100%. Should i really been playing SMS at the age of 22? I had experience with some collect-a-thons and game with elements, i finished SM64 in my childhood (emulator) with 70 stars, took me years to beat. Banjo-Kazooie i never got to past Treasure Cove Trove, because i always found this game boring as hell.

    How much time took to beat SMS? I started playing at January 22, and defeated Bowser in Februeary 19. Nearly just a month. I guess it not bad for a first timer.

    Now i can easily understand all the critics and praised this game receive. Cons: controls are way to sensible; Mario acelerates way too fast; movement can be slipery; many of the problems of 64's movement are still present in SMS; the Episode System forces linearity and its bad because some missions are really annoying, but you HAVE to finish them; while Isle Delphino is a nice place, i found lackluster how Mario enter stages - compared to 64's with the memorable paintings, SMS have... some M grafith, a cannon and some pipes?!

    SMS has cleary pacing issues. I agree with everyone that says SMS was milked for all that is worth. Why do i have to boot out when i get a Shine on Isle Delphino? You know, the Main Hub! Why Isle Delphino has a intro scene anyway? Many missions are criptic, they don't give any clue on what to do or where to go. Also: Worst Yoshi System ever.
    For everyone that grew up playing SMS i can totally understand why you guys say the game is hard or annoying. Playing this as kid in a age before Youtube, before Internet must be a nightmare. If i had played this game in childhood, i'll probably be saying the same.

    I tried to play as true as possible. So no graphics enhancements, used a controller, absolutely NO save states, and tried as much to finish and discover everything in the game without help from video guides. Sorry, for some missions i had to. You know, "I'M A CHUCKSTER!!!!"

    Pros: The most creative and freely Mario moveset (at least up until Odyssey). i'm still mad at the removal of the Long Jump, but FLUDD grants so many moves to Mario its easy to forget what he lost. I can see why the Speedrun community for this game is for big. When you get the hang of it, Mario is simply fun to move.
    The ambiance, SMS have one of the most memorable locations in a Mario game. Delphino is a place i would expend my vacation. The fun characters, the Piantas, makes he sad Nintendo scrapped all this and now everything is just Toad.

    Now my College break is almost over, classes will restart next week. SMS will stay as one of the best gaming experiences i had in my life. Reminds me how fun and rewarding a videogame can be. I didn't knew i had the patience to play and fishing another collect-a-thon nowdays. My prior experience months ago was Pac-Man World 2 on my PS2, which i stoped at World 2.

    Also makes me realise how much one's change as they grew up and mature. What we think thought was difficult as a kid, isn't so hard. Yes, even the Phantamanta, the Secret courses, the Watermellon Festival and the Sand Bird. If you played SMS as kid, give it a another go, you might have a new experience. I'm attaching the photo of my final game score, all the Shines i got up until Bowser. I'll try to 100%... later, for now, lets go back to the studies.

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    As a Brazilian myself, I completely relate to your post. I never played in an original NGC or XBOX, and my dream games were Luigi's Mansion and SMS, both NGC exclusives. With Wii U and Nintendont development, I was able to finally fulfill my dream by playing both games in its closest original form (except for the controller).
    LM met my expectations, being a fun and enjoyable game, even though is super short. Graphics are okay for the time, theme makes sense, control scheme is something unique and interesting, and the easter eggs are nice surprises, specially the Super Mario Bros. theme room.
    As for SMS, I can understand the creativity around it, and I love the theme and story behind it. However, I found it really difficult for the same reasons you mentioned, and it frustrated me because it was the first 3D Mario game that I found "not enjoyable" to play. I'm not saying that games shouldn't be difficult... but once it becomes such a challenge into a point it is stressful, then it takes out the fun of it.
    Nevertheless, I still find it really innovative for the time, specially considering the graphical update on the franchise, preparing the ground for the greatness that followed: SMG 1 and 2 (:
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