So I let my Wii format my flash drive... (usb loader question)

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by Awesome turtwig, Apr 1, 2009.

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    Thanks everyone, I got it [​IMG]
    Now how do I copy iso onto my flashdrive? Once formatted, my computer can't reconize my flash drive as anything... So I can't put files on it until I re-format it. So my Wii won't read it once it's re-formatted, and formats it again! ugh... I have the "wbfs_win_delta" program. But I dunno how to use it. Can someone help me out here... sorry.
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    Jan 9, 2009
    You should really try and read through a few threads and maybe the tools readme?
    but as I have nothing to do here

    Also you can install games by putting a disc in your wii and pressing the plus button in the loader

    To do it with the WBFS Windows Tool
    Open up your cmd (command prompt)

    type cd (folder of wbfs_win_delter) example "cd C:\Users\Me\Desktop\wbfs_win_delta"
    then type
    wbfs_win.exe (yourdrive) add (example wbfs_win.exe G add C:\wiigames\game.iso)

    Heres some of the other commands
    'X' in the following examples represents your drive letter, for example, G.

    *init the partition:
    wbfs_win.exe X init

    *estimate the size of the iso on the USB drive
    wbfs_win.exe X estimate

    *add an iso to your partition
    wbfs_win.exe X add

    *list the wiidisc that are on the wbfs, you will get the DISCID, game name, number of wide sectors used, and number of GB used.
    wbfs_win.exe X list

    *count the number of wide sectors / GB available on your partition
    wbfs_win.exe X info

    *build Homebrew Channel directories for all the games in your partition
    This will actually make a directory for each game with the DISCID of the game,
    copy the icon.png and boot.dol of the current directory, and make a meta.xml with the name of the game
    wbfs_win.exe X makehbc
    Then copy all the directories in the apps directory of your sdcard.

    *remove a disc from wbfs
    wbfs_win.exe X remove DISCID

    *extract an iso from wbfs
    wbfs_win.exe X extract DISCID
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    This tool is supposed to be used as a backup loader. It is not ment for piracy. You dont copy isos from your pc to your flash drive... You run the Iso loader, stick in a game you want to backup, then press + on the Wiimote. That Is how you get games. No copying from pc!
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    i cant get my usb drive to format on usb loader i keep getting an error help ?