So, I haven't upgraded my PSP in quite a while....

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    Okay, like the topic title says I haven't upgraded my PSP in quite a while, the firmware I currently have installed is 3.90 M33-2, and I have totally lost track of what custom firmwares there are out there and which one to install. It's a phat PSP, by the way.
    I'd like to be able to play Locoroco 2 and Prinny on my PSP, but from what I've heard the 5.00 M33 doesn't support PSX games anymore, or at least it hasn't when it was first released. Has this been fixed yet? Not being able to play PSX games is really not an option for me.
    Also, do I have to upgrade from 3.90 M33 to 4.XX M33 prior to upgrading to 5.00 M33?
    And is there anything else in particular I'd need to know before upgrading?
    Like any other stuff that worked on 3.90 M33 but won't work on 5.00 M33?
    I've heard that 5.00 M33 requires some kind of 1.5 kernel fix in order to run homebrew on a phat PSP, what's that about?

    Mighty thanks in advance [​IMG]
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    You've heard wrong. I'm pretty sure that 5.00 m33 plays PSX games just fine, DA released the popsloader for games that might require older pops versions. If you haven't touched anything in the recovery menu, you should be able to update to 5.00 m33 by using the network update function. The 1.5 kernel is only need for homebrew that require the 1.5 firmware. A lot of the newer homebrews will run just fine on 5.00 m33 without the 1.5 kernel.
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    While on the topic, is 5.00 m33 the latest firmware? I've been out of it for quite a while.
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    5.00M33-6 is the latest CFW