So I have this region swapped JPN N3DS LL...

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    I got it originally on 9.2J, did a region swap and never could access eshop again (error 007-2001). Always did workarounds like installing using ciaAngel or Freeshop to get updates and whatnot. Haven't touched this darn thing for about a year and a half now but always kept it on the latest hacks (went all the way from Gateway to now Boot9strap and Luma3DS)

    It's on the latest firmware and to this day I've been using workarounds since I dont have e-shop access ( I even tried replacing the securebootA file from a doner O3DS to no luck) and I'm wondering, 3 years later, has anyone figured out how the heck to fix this issue? I still have an original 9.2 backup from it's japanese firmware... is there, maybe, some steps I could look at to getting eshop working again? It's literally the only issue I've ever had with it. I still use an OG 3DS XL for Pokemon Bank Access and whatnot and I'd like to have just one device for everything.
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    nope. there is no fix. ya gotta use google to grab your games now.
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