So I ended with EUR system titles after region patching USA o3DS

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    Well, as weird it sounds, somehow I was having EUR system titles installed all this time.
    Since I'm using A9LH and had done a LOT of downgrade procceses and such, maybe at certain or some steps I ended installing EUR Firmware....

    Never noticed this because Region Lock persist on Aureinand, but today I just installed the Region Free patch and... there, Eur system apps.

    I was unable to load them, I always got an error notification, and them appeared as duplicated versions of the USA apps.

    I thought it was dangerous to let them live inside my NAND, so, I made a backup, took some nuts and gave a shot to uninstall them identifying each title as listed in this page:

    I searched for every ID carefully and uninstalled using FBI and...

    Success!!! Everything is functional as before, but just in case, I have a backup of the faulty NAND for record purposes, and one of the newer with the system apps and applets uninstalled.

    I just posted this for the record, or for someone having the same problem as me... or if someone knows how the fuck this was even posible.

    I'll update the post with screenshots of the previous copy of the NAND and the actual NAND.

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