so I bought a Nextbook Ares 8A and well.....

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    ok so i bought an Ares 8A (intel cherrytrail) off ebay it came today no visible scratches and very little cosmetic damage I've plugged it in to charge it's been 4-5 hours now the charge light is suppose to change from red to amber when fully charged and it still hasn't nor will it turn on (well black screen i can hear the vol +/- sound so it is in fact on, I've been in contact with the seller and he seems willing to help and before i return it to him i want your guy's thoughts? what could be the issue has anyone else have the same tablet that ran into the same issue?

    edit: so after a few youtube videos come to find out it sufffers from a sleep bug what worked was opening it up unplugging the battery wait 5 secs replug it back in...PROFIT
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