So a bunch of stuff entered the public domain a few days ago. 2019 copyright expiration.

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    Copyright is a protection governments all around the world agree to give creators of "works" (writing, music, videos, scripts, articles, paintings...) such that they can enjoy the exclusive right to sell/reproduce them and control them in a few other ways, this will hopefully allow them to profit from them and make more.
    Originally it was supposed to last a fairly short amount of time but... see the following video

    Anyway 1998 saw the copyright get extended again so things that were set to expire that year (famously including a mickey mouse cartoon) didn't, and pushed it to the impossibly far off future space age time of 2019. While I will probably continue to write 2018 on anything I need to put the date on until probably November the fireworks that woke me up the other night inform me it is 2019 now.
    Presuming the clock does not get stopped again (no idea if it will at this point) will continue on this path. Many holders of works of that era are still pretty keen on enforcement and have been seen to be doing so over recent years. This should also mean a continual flow of works in years to come -- the only things to really enter public domain as far as the US (and so the world) is concerned have been things put there by authors, and certain aspects of federal government created findings (around here many will probably look at various space images from NASA as most of those should be free to use).
    Similarly while 1998 did have some internet (,1998 for the sorts of games we were playing then) it was nowhere near what it is today, and while it would have been nice in nicer years like 2007 to have some more stuff to play with the neutered internet of today can probably still get something done.

    The entertainment industry is still collapsing in on itself but that seems to be problems of its own making, not someone being able to remix some of the following things

    Any plans to do anything here? What do you expect to see come as a result? If things are going to continue on what year are you waiting for?
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