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  1. sp3off

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    Apr 17, 2013
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    Following a PM conversation with Cyan, we are trying to make "loadiine ready" games playable directly on the Wii U, without the need of Loadiine (and also no online cut)

    And I've found some things (with the help of Cyan)

    : The titles are installed on the MLC at usr/title
    On the SLC at rights/sys, we can see a cert.sys following a title.list file. As Cyan told me, it may be probably the same thing as with the Wii (on a database).
    On the apps / sys folder, I've found a tickets folder with the folders named like 0000 0001 0002 0003....
    .tiks files are named bizarrely, so we cannot name a file like this : 14dfd475.tik, it won't work.

    The vWii NAND can be found on the slccmpt01 at shared2 (the wc24 folder in it is bizarrely making me think of WiiConnect24, which you know, doesn't work on the Wii U)

    One more thing, installed titles (which looks like the same as loadiine ready games) get one more file in their folder, named title.fst. It's a bunch of code with (opened on a notepad) an nomination of all files in the meta folder (and probably more, because it also talks about fonts etc etc...)

    Anyway, it's everything I've found. If anyone can help on how you may resolve the "title.tik" mystery, please let us know. I'm also thinking about @FIX94 who did a TIK2SD homebrew. If you see this topic and if you know how it works, let us know !

    That's all for me,
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    "we" are not trying, you are alone.
    I only told you were the files were located on the file system.

    All this is already known and that's nothing new.
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