Snezziboy v0.25 HDMA

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    Jun 13, 2006
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    Here it is:

    Fixes and Features:
    - Fixed a bug with the reading of registers $2137/$213C/$213D (Final Fantasy Mystic Quest is able to proceed to the title screen)
    - Fixed a critical bug with the MVN/MVP instructions to handle the A register correctly in 8-bit mode.
    - Fixed a DMA bug so that the incrementing of the source address does not affect the address bank. (Final Fantasy Mystic no longer crashes and now seems playable)
    - Fixed a bug with the DMA transfer to correctly increment the source address depending on the DMA increment mode. (Secret of Mana no longer crashes before the first dungeon) - Fixed a bug with the RESET function that causes backgrounds remain stationary after using the configuration's RESET option.
    - Fixed the SBC instruction to take care of decimal mode subtraction (uses modified code from SNES Advance) (Zombies ate my Neighbors is now playable)
    - Fixed Mode 7 where there was once a band appearing at the top of the screen.
    - Fixed (partially) SNES additive transparencies. - Implemented Mode 7 wraparound based on register $211A. HDMA: - Implemented partial HDMA for background scrolling positions (Donkey Kong 3, first level moves as expected) (Street Fighter 2 background moves as expected) (Castlevania X first level background effects visible) (HDMA is slow on the GBA and is expected)
    - Implemented new option to enable/disable HDMA (for games that don't necessarily require it)
    - Made slight optimizations to instructions that operate on the A register, and certain jump instructions
    - Made major optimizations to all instructions to remove instruction to add to SnesPC register (Credit to Gladius for the suggestion; most games should experience a slight but notable increase in speed)

    Great work Bubble2k. For others, I don't think this includes the .NDS version (which is what I'm waiting for). [​IMG]
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    Absolutely amazing for the ol' GBA. I am still amazed at the feats that have been accomplished for this little handheld. Great job!
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    From bubble2k

    EDIT: Quick fixed to v0.26.

    1. Fixed transparency and speed issue that broke Aladdin.

    2. Do you people ever experience a crash when you've played on Snezziboy for too long? I just found out that roughly 18 - 25 minutes (or about 65535 SNES frames) of continuous play crashes Snezziboy. It was an overflow bug that's now fixed in v0.26.

    Ready for download at:
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    So we got any clue what this can or can't run at this rate?
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    This file shows up as having a trojan when scanned with ClamXav.
  6. DanTheManMS

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    Antivir flags every instance of "snezzi.exe" as a trojan as well, but don't worry, it's safe. Just a false positive in the scan.

    Kinda annoying though, as I've got about 20 instances of that program on my hard drive (several versions of Snezziboy, plus several versions of SnezziDS, sound and nosound versions, each of which get flagged separately).