Snes9x GX 006

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    Snes9x GX 006
    SNES emulator for the Wii/GC
    The new version of Snes9x for Wii and GC is out. New things in this release are mainly a bunch of bugfixes and some new features. Some of the added features are 7z support, BS-X game support, video shift options and 480p support for GameCube. The problems that existed when using the analog stick on a nunchuk and the issue when loading roms off a DVD should also be fixed in this release. To see all the changes made, see the changelog below.

    Note that the Wii has a limited amount of memory and when using 7z compression you may encounter a "dictionary size" or "out of memory" error. This is easily fixed by recompressing the 7z file with a different compression rate or by changing the dictionary size.
    Changes in Snes9x GX 006:

    Contributed by Minox_IX
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    Nice, the only emulator I'm using atm on my Wii [​IMG]
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    The version I have messes up its settings file after a bit, and only deleting that seems to fix it. Then it'll mess up again.

    I'll try this new one! [​IMG]
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    this is great [​IMG] but I still have the same problem : can t load roms from a DVD ... I have the message "invalid dvd" I don t have a mod wii I use wanikoko app maybe it s not possible with this ? can someone tell me if he has succes to loas roms from a dvd and how can I do it ? maybe I m doing something wrong ??