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    Jun 24, 2007
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    What do you need to play Snes games in my nintendo ds?I have the supercard/superkey.Do I need something else,and where do I get the emu/roms for snes.Also I am still having problems with GBA games on my super card.I could save them on my sd card,but when I load them the screen turns white after the GBA logo appears.But,the funny thing is that I havae 2 GBA that works X-men and contra advance....please help!
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    Nov 28, 2006
    Well supercard is known for the worst GBA compatibility, so it may just be a problem with hardware. I believe Supercard has built in emulators on their slot 2 cards, but you may want to try some separate homebrew as they are actually updated. SNEmulDS is probably the one to get. As for ROMs, you shouldn't be asking here. Most sites which have DS roms should have them anyway.
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    Jan 18, 2007
    I'll might as well drop my question in this thread so I won't have to make another one, since the question comes really close anyway..

    Hows the emulation with SNEmulDS? Is it playable? On games like Chrono Trigger and Secret of mana, naturally, what else? [​IMG]

    Anyone tried?

    Thanks in advance and sorry for being such a wh*re and stealing this thread [​IMG]
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    I have SC Slot2 and SnemulDS has pretty good framerate on most games. On most games though, some bits have messed layers and require you to shuffle the GFX layers manually. They may get it totally right one day. But it is nice that all the DKC's work, and other greats.
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    I'm a bit late, but hopefully I can help. You have two options for SNES emulation on the GBA, SNES Advance and Snezziboy. Both work fairly well, but don't expect full speed or sound emulation.

    SNES Advance:
    1. Go to and download the package
    2. Go to and download the latest SuperDAT file. Put it in your working folder, replacing the old one.
    3. Launch the builder and add the games you wish to play. Total filesize limit is 32 MB. Note that not all games work (in fact many don't). Super Mario World is known to work if you wish to test. Open the compilation in VBA to test.
    4. Patch with the Supercard patcher. You should probably be able to use the L+R+A+Select button combo to save like any other GBA game, but I'm not sure.
    5. Take note of the alternate controls, and use Select+Up and Select+Down if you wish to adjust the screen.

    1. Download the latest 0.26 release from
    2. Download the latest SuperDAT file from and put it in your folder.
    3. Rename snezzi.dat to something else and rename the snesadvance.dat you just downloaded to snezzi.dat. Open both with Notepad and turn word wrap off. If there's an entry in the old snezzi.dat file for a game you wish to play, copy its contents into the much larger database, overwriting the previous entry for the game. This is done because most SNES Advance hacks work in Snezziboy, but a few games require slightly different hacks which are included in the download. So basically you're taking the huge database of SNES Advance hacks and just adding the few for Snezziboy. Save the newly merged snezzi.dat file and close.
    4. Drag and drop your *.smc game file onto snezzi.exe, which should produce a "gamename.smc.gba" file for you to use. Open it with VBA to test if it works.
    5. Patch with the Supercard patcher as explained above.
    6. In-game, press L+R+Start to access the config menu, where you can set many options, including the controls. You can also use L+R+Select+Up to cycle through some various known "good" background settings that should work for most games.

    Be sure to read the following articles:

    Also read the compatibility lists for both of them (both on the PHWiki) and the listing of SNES games with special chips that will not work under any circumstances.

    If you have any questions on either of them, let me know. If there's a game that doesn't work, let me know and I can attempt to hack it into working. I can also speedhack games to make them run faster to an extent.
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    generally, does snes emulation in its current state work better on gba or on nds?
  7. Ben_j

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    Nov 13, 2005
    The GBA doesn't even have enough buttons...
  8. DanTheManMS

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    Jun 2, 2007
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    Definitely the DS by far. As Ben_j said, the DS has the right number of buttons, and the DS ones can attain full speed for more games, support sound, show more games graphically accurate, etc. There are a good number of games fully playable on the GBA, but there are more on the DS.
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    Jul 2, 2007
    The PSP and the GP2X by far [​IMG]