SNES + NES Box Cover Art

Discussion in 'Wii - Emulation and Homebrew' started by painless, Jul 14, 2010.

  1. painless

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    Dec 25, 2009
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    Just wondering if anyone is working on a USB loader kind of interface (with regards to the box art) for the SNES and NES Wii emulators? I used to have this feature awhile back but both emu's have been updated and the box cover art function was broken as a result. [​IMG]
  2. Clarky

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    Oct 4, 2007
    United States
    apparently it is being worked into the offical releases, couldnt say for certain though
  3. VashTS

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    Mar 14, 2009
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    i mentioned something a while ago about doing this or something similar. i would love to have a forwarder iso that would forward to the emulator and load up a specific game. so then i could have forwarder isos in my usb loader for snes, nes, gba or whatever type of game. also can be used for movies/tv show/music as well.
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