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    Nov 16, 2008
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    I have been lately reading about GBA and SNES emulation, and having a feeling about the old good times.

    After seeing the SNES Advance's web page I started to look information for the Snes controller to GBA link. To my surprise there was a SNES 2 GBA adapter long time ago at a web page that is no longer avaible.

    I would like to do it myself, and solve a problem about a voltage. After doing more research about this I found about a program that could patch ANY GBA file to make it able to use the adapter: SNES Controller 2 GBA Patcher (it was mentioned on the PocketHeaven link).
    I have to have that program! so my search started and ended painful with this result. For some weird reason I couldn't get, until now, to the same page but this time with an attachment.

    I downloaded... still hasn't test it yet, but I will try to get the SNES Advance work at my Slot-1 with my EZFlash5 - 3in1. They said it works even for the GBA player, yet I do not have a Slot-2 GBA sized to put it on my GBA SP with the link port; I am planning to get a EZFlash4 hoping to work with this.

    Has anyone got this to work (SNES to GBA link)?

    PS: I will try to get everything to solder one then add my mods, just for fun.
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    This has been a small project of mine on-and-off for the past year, as it interested me greatly. The problem I face is that NONE of the GBA linker cables I find have the right pins. Apparently, even though there are 6 pins on the link cable plug, only 4 wires are actually needed for 2-player or 4-player gameplay, the other two being optional, and all the cables I find only have 4 wires inside. The SNES controller needs those 2 missing ones, one of which is power and the other is a serial signal of some sort. Even the official Nintendo linker cable doesn't have all 6.

    Heck, I even bought a GBA-to-Gamecube adapter, thinking that surely there must be some circuitry in there that requires power and is thus guaranteed to have all the wires I need, but no.

    Hopefully you'll have better luck than me. One quick tip: the cheap purple and clear linker cables that DealExtreme sells are the wrong kind.