SNEmulDS 0.6 alpha released

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    Oct 24, 2002
    SNEmulDS 0.6 alpha released
    SNES emulator for NDS, by archeide
    Good news from our french friend archeide, developper of the excellent SNES emulator for NDS SNEmulDS: version 0.6 alpha is now available for download! This version brings a whole lot of interesting changes and of course improves compatibility:

    [title:SNEmulDS 0.6 change log]- New GUI using framebuffer for sub screen

    - Better human interface, improved file selector (alphabetical sorted), buttons, check boxes, multi choose zones, etc.

    - New GUI supports joypad (joypad is not supported when emulator is running however).

    - Multi language support (more than 10 supported, including katakan japanese !)

    - Memory pak support (Opera RAM, Slot 2 card reader, etc. using libram) with paging or with large ROM mapping

    - Scaling with pseudo bi-linear filtering and sprites squishing : full screen scaling (like snezzids), half scaling (half scaled and without sprites squishing), and no scaling (classic snemulds mode)

    - Autiomatic SRAM saving when needed

    - Some other bugfixes and improvements in GUI

    [​IMG] For more information, check the original discussion topic

    [​IMG] Download SNEmulDS from our download center
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