Sneek/DI, Uneek/DI, Uniiloader, FAT32 USB drive and nand emu

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    Yes, I've been reading for a few hours now and still can't find answers that makes sense to me. I'm running out of space on my Wii for save games. I've moved everything I can off to SD (including tons of VC games) but still need more space. For the past few days I've been reading up more and more on nand emulation. I've always known about Sneek and how it can emulate nand but have some specific questions.

    Can somebody (in plain text) give details as to what the difference between the following are:

    1) Sneek+DI
    2) UNeek
    3) Uneek+DI

    (Not asking about Sneek since I understand what it does but I can't find anything on uneek or the 'DI'.)

    I still have the original ISOs for all my Wii games sitting on a server. I think I'd like to use a FAT32 formatted USB drive as a big nand so I can install tons of VC games to it and then from within this emulated nand (which is actually my 500 gig hard drive instead of my 8 gig SDHC card)...... launch Wiiflow and then play games from the same USB hard drive.

    I know everyone here hates Uniiloader because of the whole GPL thing but let's not drag that topic back up. If I need to use Uniiloader, let me know. I'm also confused on whether I need to convert my ISO's via DiscEx(sp?) to make them 'nand emulation friendly' but if I use Uniiloader, I don't need to do that step.... just make sure they're called 'gameID'.wbfs and place them in a 'wbfs' folder. Right?

    Just looking for some step-by-step info. If this is to much of a n00b question, mods, feel free to toss it in the n00b sticky.

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    I wrote a simple guide for uniiloader but its sitting on a .TXT file on my computer because I might get flamed or something if you want it pm me.
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    SNEEK DI = Emulated NAND from SD with Disc Input
    UNEEK DI = Emulated NAND from USB with Disc Input
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    Thank you! I guess I want to go down the path of using Uneek since I'd prefer to turn my hard drive into emulated nand. Do you know the answer to this question?

    ) If I turn my 500 gig drive into a big nand and install crap tons of VC games to do things work in regards to using Wiiflow? Does using Uneek lock out a USB loader from accessing a USB attached drive or to pull off loading .wbfs files from my USB drive (the drive that's serving double duty as emulated nand), do I have to use Uniiloader?

    Just thought of something else...... since my USB drive will be my nand....... if the drive develops a bad sector and crashes, everything is toast. That kind of stinks. I'm sure my kid will be sad if saves from all sorts of games all of a sudden get lost. Point to ponder.