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    Jun 19, 2010
    United States
    OK, so I got a phillips gogear vibe MP3/4 player (thanks again Duskye, it's GREAT for audio, pics and radio so far), and it only plays .smv video files. I've tried the official phillips converter, and SMV converter tool 3.0, and NEITHER work - the official one doesn't actually SAVE the files after converting and the unofficial one doesn't convert anything at all. So, do any of you guys know of any other SMV converters, preferrably ones you've actually had success with? thanks.

    BTW, I'm trying to convert quite a few videos, mainly some of the awesome series (short) and the nin10doh! series (long) (I'm not sure if there's a length limit for the player) And no, I'm not being a tard and trying to convert them from the SWFs, I'm using youtube Mp4s.

    Well, thanks for any help!

    ...alternitavely, do either the SA9200 or HDD16x0 Phillips gogear Rockbox ports work on this guy?
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