SMG2 disc update applied accidentally...

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by harold0317, Jun 13, 2011.

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    Hi everyone. So yeah, I lent my black wii to a friend and his sister (who clearly doesn't know anything about using others stuff without permission) applied the required disc update from SMG2 in order to play the game (which I used to play booting it from some other loader called USB GX or something like that). I don't know much about hacking and IOSs and all this wii hacking lingo, I just managed to get my HDD working with a few games in there, all working flawlessly, but please notice I'm not completely clueless about it either.

    I have a black wii (if that matters), and now when I boot the cfg loader it says something about "IOS 249 being and stub, please replace it". While googling some sort of patched file to replace my now stubbed IOS 249, I read something about NEVER doing that, because it would brick my wii for sure, since that what happens when you try to directly replace an official nintendo IOS. Homebrew Channel still boots and allows me to browse through my installed apps, but WAD manager (for example) will just freeze when I try to do anything with it, and I haven't bothered to see what happens with everything else (sorry ^^; ). I have no idea where to start to fix this, hopefully anyone out there will help out. If you need any sort of additional information regarding wii firmware version or any other thing please ask, I'd like to get this solved ASAP, since it's been like that for a while and now I'll be getting some time off, and there are several games on that HDD that I'd love to spend some time with. [​IMG]

    Thanks in advance.
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    since you don't know much about hacking, i assume you don't know what you had before you updated (and therefore what you may have lost)...

    i suggest just grabbing modmii and doing a fresh mod (link in my sig) can skip the initial HBC install step (since it survived the update), although you should run the hackmii installer to reinstall bootmii (which also could have been lost during your update)...

    make sure you enable the block updates hack in priiloader once you get to that ensure no one updates again!