SMD Resistors Trouble :( Xbox 360 - Falcon Mobo

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    Hey everyone, my friend brought me a 360 (falcon) which had the rrod and he tried to fix it himself but his screwdriver slipped on the clamps and broke off a few resistors. Can anyone, if possible, tell me the values of these resistors & 1 cap.

    Xbox 360 Falcon Motherboard

    (located by memory card connectors under board)


    also providing a pic. sorry, not the greatest quality. Also.. even though its not listed, not sure if anything goes between C4V1 and R4V4. I dont have another spare falcon board just a xenon. Not sure if i can take the resistors off the xenon and use them on the falcon. Appreciate any help, thank you! And if you have a broken falcon that you dont need, willing to spare some resistors off of it?

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    I can't see any markings on the SMD components in your photo, and I assume the same goes for the broken components, so you'd have to resort to measuring the corresponding components in another Falcon based box to find their values. If you got a multimeter with a measuring voltage below 0,5v or something like that (to keep semiconductors from opening and screw up the results), and make sure that there are no resistors/capacitors coupled in parallel with the ones you want to check (there's really no reason why there should be any), it should work to measure right on the pcb without desoldering the components.

    However, if the peripheral circuits are more or less identical between a Xenon and a Falcon motherboard, my guess is that the resistors and caps are the same too. I can't link it for copyright reasons, but there's a leaked schematic for the Xenon motherboard. Just google and you'll find it. I'd just get components with the same resistances/capacitance as in the Xenon box and try with them, I'm perfectly sure it'll work. Use the component list in the schematics to find out what components to buy, it's definitely gonna be cheaper and easier to get than a broken Falcon board to use as a donor.