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    Mar 13, 2008
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    Hey guys. I just bought brawl, new, for Wii. Bro just told me that it doesn't work with wiikey cause of security. So i downloaded the ISO and I burned using IMGBurn and the dual layer manual number specifications and it worked fine for the first 20 minutes. I shut it off came back 3 hours later, booted it and the channel showed up, i started the game, sometimes it loads the opening video sequence and the audio will cut out in 3 seconds then about a second later the message on a white background and blue font says "Cannot read disc power off bla bla bla" and other times it won't even start the intro video sequence. What should I do? It's on a TDK DVD +R DL. I burned it at 2x. Any ideas? Thanks guys.
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    Mar 9, 2008
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    I have the EXACT same problem as you, and I also have TDK DVDs.

    Except, I've burned the DVD5 version (fully playable subspace, thanks to wiifiend) on TDK DVD-R (4.7 GB, so yes, DVD5).

    Sometimes it loads the white background where I can skip the movie and continue to play, but sometimes, it just gives me, "Game disc could not be read." right after the Now Loading.. screen.

    Maybe it's the brand of discs? =/ Will look for a better brand~
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    Yeah, classic bad/incompatible burn behavior.