[Sm4shWiiU] Mystery of the SSB Masterpiece

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    Its no secret that the original N64 Smash Bros. was going to be an unlockable in the Masterpiece section of Smash Bros. for Wii U and would have been the first Masterpiece game to represent the series, as well as being the only N64 Masterpiece in the game. However, the game was left out likely because N64 emulation had yet to be implemented in the Wii U as this game was released before the release of the N64 Virtual Console.

    However, there is still a piece of the unused Masterpiece title in the game.
    According to TCRF.net (The Cutting Room Floor), inside data/ui/replace/soft/soft_50, there is a file labeled soft_50_SuperSmashBros.nut alongside the other Masterpiece titles that are in-game.

    What is odd is that while this file is in soft_50, it isn't in the soft_51 and soft_52 folders like the other titles are.

    Since modding Smash 4 is still a new thing, unlike Brawl, nobody has had a chance to see what the other files of interest could do. So, it is unknown what soft_50, soft_51, and soft_52 correspond to in the Masterpiece menu.

    Question is, would it even be possible to see if the actual demo for Smash 64 is still in-game. Despite the fact that there isn't a soft_51_SuperSmashBros.nut and soft_52_SuperSmashBros.nut file, could it be possible to get the game to appear in Masterpieces.

    Because funny enough, there is a soft_50, soft_51, and soft_52 file for the original Fire Emblem in all three folders, despite the fact the game is only unlockable in the Japanese version of Smash for Wii U and left out in the international versions, so could it be possible to get the original Fire Emblem to appear in the Masterpieces for the NA/EUR versions of Smash 4?

    Think about this, and try to delve deep into the files and figure out how the files are functioned to work using a hex editor and see what the differences between the lone SmashBros.nut file and the other Masterpiece files in a hex editor.
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    I'm interested. From what I can read, There are some mystery masterpieces in the game that could have been something other than fire emblem?
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    I believe that it's coded in a way similar to ui_sound_db (if you open sm4shmusic you'll see that it has EU, US and JPN Toggles, that modify the respective bits of code, we should technically be able to enable it, it's all about knowing which bits to change:P)
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    /data/ui/replace is just icons. Masterpiece stuff (binary + save file) is in /data/soft inside folders named after platforms they were on (gb = Game Boy, hvc = Famicom*, shvc = Super Famicom*)
    *Just look for HVC-001 and SHVC-001.
    That's all there is. There is no location for N64 data.
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    Well if it isn't coded into the game then I guess there is no way it can played, unless there was a way to add the values and the ROM, but given what we got currently, that is likely impossible.

    Least we could fiddle with the current games ^^

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    Well FA5x would be Fire Emblem. If we could find a way to get the ROM as a binary as well the save...

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    Since ui_soft_db.bin has FA5.bin and .vew coded in it, the actual files aren't in there. If they were, just need to activate it someway and it could appear in-game.
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    Ok we are getting off topic.

    This sounds pretty interesting. I would love to play a fire emblem game on Wii U hint hint nintendo original FE game on wii u or NX?????? I have been looking at the data in Sm4sh and can't find anything like that.
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    From what I gather, ui_soft_db, which is in data-us/param/ui is where the parameters are for the Masterpieces. Smash Bros. 64 only has what is likely its title name in soft_50 but not in the other ones. And doesn't have it listed in the db file.

    The Masterpieces are basically ROMs and Save files in .BIN and .VEW files, which is likely for VC Save formats someone correct me on this, and are stored in data/soft and are seperated into three folders: gb, hvc, and shvc which is Game Boy, NES and SNES respectively. Since N64 isn't in the structure, there is likely no way of adding Smash 64 into the game unless its possible to add entries into param files but atm it isn't.

    The way the ROMs are named seems to be based on their VC Ids for the Wii.

    Example is Fire Emblem, which is labeled as FA5.bin and FA5.vew in ui_soft_db.bin.

    However the ROM and save itself aren't in the structure for the international release of Smash Wii U and only the Japanese version has it. Which means if someone has a dumped copy of the Japanese version of Smash 4 and were to extract the files from that, we could possibly add the game in that way I dunno yet.

    Anyway the way ui_soft_db is structured is the following:

    There are 23 Entries.

    Each Entry has 16 Subentries and these are what I gather are the meaning behind them.

    SE 0 is the current Entry
    SE 1 is likely the identifer for the console the game is based on (0-1 = NES, 2 = GB, 3 = SNES)
    SE 2 is likely the Masterpiece ID, like how characters are labeled as in ui_characters_db
    SE 3 and 4 are where the ROM and Save files are located and likely where the database looks for when showing the Masterpiece titles in-game.
    SE 5, 6, and 7 are the Release Dates for each Masterpiece and are formatted as XXXXYYZZ (X = Year, X = Month, Z = Day)
    SE 5 is for Japanese Release Dates
    SE 6 is for NA Release Dates
    SE 7 is for EUR Release Dates.
    I know this because I saw the entry for Earthbound and its EUR Release Date was labeled 201300000, which is the year the game made its first release to the EUR market on VC.
    SE 8 I have no idea, it usually bounces back from 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10. If anyone can figure out what it means let me know.
    SE 9 is just a string of numbers I have no idea what it means.

    But it usually goes from the large string (4294967295) to single digits (1, 2, 4, 8, 10)

    SE10 is where you would adjust the time limit for the demos.

    You just change the number to a higher number (in seconds) and you can basically play through most games for a long time. Changing it to 0 would just end the demo upon starting so there is likely no way to remove the time limit completely and gain infinite time. If anyone can solve a way to gain infinite time in the demos, let me know.

    SE 11 is almost always a 0 or a 2. No clue what it means.

    SE 12-15 are a string of hex values. No idea what they mean. Though the GB Masterpieces and Fire Emblem have them blank, with FE having a hex value entry for 015F2 in SE 12 and blank in 13-15.

    And SE 16 has a decimal number, though I have no idea what it means. Usually some titles have a negative decimal.

    And that is my findings so far. Most important part is changing the time limit on the demos so far so there is that. If you can solve anything else with the unknown entries share them.
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    Try changing it to -1 or a high second count.
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    I did but it gives me an error box saying:

    "Value was either too large or too small for a Ulnt32."

    So it has to be a positive integer.
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    Sorry to revive this somewhat dead thread but today I noticed that for all the masterpieces except super Mario kart and Kirby super star, if you remove the save files then the games run normally from the beginning. Super Ma.rio kart and Kirby super star crash upon loading but the others work fine. You still can't save your game though. Also, for the 10th entry, apparently 999999999 is the largest number the game will allow as a time limit so that's neat
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