Slow down in Virtual Console games

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    So, I'm playing some of my sister's virtual console games.

    The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past has some slowdown sometimes when I'm walking around outside and the screen needs to scroll.

    Kirby's Adventure is even worse. I mean, it's slowdown almost all the time. I played Kirby before on an emulator for the PC and I don't remember having any slow down issues then. I

    She also has Yoshi's Cookie but I haven't played that yet.

    None of my games have slow downs though. Gunstar Heroes, Pokemon Snap, and Mario Kart 64 all run fine for me on my Wii.

    Anyone else have slow down issues with these games?
  2. SG

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    I've had this in the DKC games and SMW.

    Considering that PC emus manage to make them run better than the original, this is no god at all.

    Why can't Nintendo sort it out? Oh yeah, they've already got our money now...
  3. Wanque

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    Sep 20, 2005
    They have slowdown because they originally had slowdown in their respective NES / SNES incarnations.

    Technically, it's the by-product of 100% faithful emulation - although really, it makes no sense.

    It's just an example of Nintendo's lazy attitude toward the VC.
  4. Hardcore Gamer

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    Feb 1, 2008
    I only have one VC game, Bubble Bobble and it seems very slow. I've been meaning to play it on an emulator to see if it should be like that.
  5. Hogmeister

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    what wanque says holds true, i forgot the nes emulator for PC but its going for 100% accuracy as opposed to 100% speed/compatiblity and all that so if there is a slowdown in the real cart on the real system it'll slowdown in that emulator att he same point, super mario 3 has a weird line on it that most emulators get rid of through hacks, but the 100% accuracy emulators still show it. its odd but its true, chances are nintendo is going the accuracy route as opposed to speed/look/allthathappyhorsecrap emulators do on PCs ;P