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Presented here is a collection of Slot2 emulators. I have not tested all of these so I can not comment on specifics but I did my best to collect information when possible. If anyone knows of an emulator that should be on this list please let me know and I will do the research and make edits.

I am including interpreters in this list as I feel they are still emulating an aspect of gaming that was not designed to run on the GBA.

This list has been organized in alphabetical order by system and then by emulator within each section. Each major category is followed by a date in which the information was last updated.

Got an issue with the information presented here?
Want to see something changed or edited to reflect a different view?

Just drop me a PM on this board or post a reply. I am willing to make any adjustments and would like to consider this thread to be a Wiki for Slot2 emulation. Communicate with me and get your contributions heard!

I could not hunt down working links to a few of the emulators. If you can provide me with a legit site to link for download, then please let me know.

If you want to just grab everything in this list and do your own research, I have compiled a 7z compressed file of everything available for download.

Get it here: http://filetrip.net/f4537-Slot2-Emulators-...terpreters.html (12.3 MB) -updated 8/10/08

You will notice a pattern here and that is that most of these projects were never finished or dropped early on. I could only imagine what it would be like in a world where FluBBa didn’t spread his skills so thinly and instead worked to complete one emulator to its fullest. I can understand the draw to attempt to get as many challenges conquered, and I am in no way knocking FluBBa or saying that any of the authors presented here are lazy in any way. I am simply suggesting the idea of sticking with 1 project until it is as complete as it could be.

There were many times while downloading and testing Slot2 emulation over the years I have been disappointed to find out that the emulator was discontinued. That the idea of save states, debugged updated versions, and added support was never going to come. While at times this reality can be hard to swallow, it does not degrade from the fact that the emulators presented here remain fun!

Thanks to the efforts of TheHive, FluBBa, Loopy, Dwedit, and many others we have the ability to enjoy classics that we grew up on or missed out on.

-Another World
AGI: Last updated 3/1/2008

An AGI interpreter brought to you by Bripro the same author behind the now forgotten GrandTheftendo. Support for such classics as the Kings Quest, Police Quest, and Space Quest series, are included in this EMU. The last update was in 2004 and with ScummVM DS available for Slot1 Flash kit users, future updates are probably not in development.

Home page: http://www.bripro.com/gbagi/index.php
Compatibility and screen shots: http://www.bripro.com/gbagi/index.php?page=screenshots
Download v2: http://www.bripro.com/gbagi/files/gbagi-bin-20041003.zip

Amstrad CPC: Last updated 3/2/2008

This emulator has been coded to run the 8bit adventure game “The Abbey of Crime.” The emulator is completely in Spanish as well as the game itself. On the upside the emulator is reported to run this single ROM very well.

Home page: http://www.emulatronia.com/ordenadores/cpc.htm
Download v1.1: http://www.emulatronia.com/parcial/P_A_C_O.zip

Arcade: Last updated 8/10/2008

Another discontinued project from TheHive coded for the GBA to run some old simple Arcade games. Not much is known about this project as the home page and updates have been discontinued. The initial releases were demo only.

Download Phoenix v.2: N/A
Download Pleiads v.1: N/A

Arcade Emulators by FluBBa
FluBBa coded 4 arcade emulators capable of emulating Renegade, Green Beret, Mr. Do!, and Black Tiger.

1. RemuAdvance fully emulates Renegade but with no sound. The MAME arcade ROM files needed are “renegade.zip” and “kuniokun.zip.” Extract these files into your emulator directory and run the batch (.bat) file of your choice to compile.

Download v.3: http://www.ndsretro.com/download/Remudvance03Bin.zip

2. Greenboy is a Green Beret/Rush-n-Attack emulator that FluBBa entered in the 2005 GBAX coders’ competition. He later announced that he did not win but had plans for future updates.

Download v.5: http://www.ndsretro.com/download/GreenBoyAttack05Bin.zip

3. Mr. DUH! was released as a thank you for everyone involved with the GBAX coders’ competition and it emulates the MAME ROMs for Mr. Do!

Download v.3: http://www.ndsretro.com/download/Murdoc03Bin.zip

4. BlackTiger is an emulator produced as a side project to better understand MAME as FluBBa was optimizing MAME for gp32.

Download v.2: http://www.ndsretro.com/download/BlackTiger02Bin.zip

A GBA port of the arcade version of Asteroids. The ROMs is said to run slowly and without sound but is fully playable.

Home page: http://www.dwelch.com/gba/roids.htm
Download: http://gbafan.pocketheaven.com/files/emu/roids.zip

An unfinished emulator designed to run the arcade version of Centipede. This emulator is reported to run so slowly that it isn’t even worth playing.

Download: http://gbafan.pocketheaven.com/files/emu/centiGBA02.zip

PacMan/Mrs. PacMan
This was reported to have existed but the project was abandoned in 2001 and the home page no longer exists. For now this remains a rumor and I did not find a working version for download.

Download: N/A

An unfinished emulator designed to run the arcade version of Punchout.

Download: http://gbafan.pocketheaven.com/files/emu/PunchOutGBA.zip

A multi-ROM arcade emulator that supports Crush Roller, Dingo, Donkey Kong 3, Donkey Kong Jr, Donkey Kong, Eyes, Frogger, Galaxian, Gorkans, Moon Cresta, Ms. Pac-Man, Pengo, Phoenix, Pleiads, Ponpoko, Pooyan, and Scramble. The EMU does not support sound and the author admits that the injector has bugs. This emulator has not been updated since 2004 and currently appears to be a discontinued project.

Home page: http://www.geocities.com/rgbArcade/
*Download current version: http://gbaemu.dcemu.co.uk/rgbarcade.shtml
*Can not direct link, but the file is on the page above.

Space Invaders
Another emulator from the coder behind PacMan/Mrs. PacMan. The source for this Space Invaders EMU was released to the public but not compiled.

Download Source: http://gbafan.pocketheaven.com/files/emu/si_gba.zip

Bandai WonderSwanColor: Last updated 3/1/2008

Currently only supports the Final Fantasy games which are reported to run at a very slow framerate. FluBBa has not issued any recent news on this EMU and it appears to be yet another discontinued project.

Download v.1: http://www.ndsretro.com/download/SwanAdvance01Bin.zip

BBC Microcomputer System: Last updated 3/2/2008

Pocket Beeb
The BBC Micro was a computer system funded by the British Broadcasting Corporation for educational purposes. A number of great titles came out of this small box, most of which are supported by this emulator. The emulator is reported to have great compatibility but some small speed issues with various games.

Home page: http://www.geocities.com/quirky_2k1/emulation/index.html
Download v1.01: http://www.geocities.com/quirky_2k1/emulat...etbeeb-1.01.zip
Download v1.01 Elite: http://www.geocities.com/quirky_2k1/emulat...elite-spesh.zip

Chip-8: Last update 3/1/2008

A discontinued project which is no longer in development. Designed to run Chip-8 games on the GBA, this early build suffers from SRAM issues and compatibility. In fact only 1 game was designed to work with this EMU and comes compiled into the emulator.

Download: N/A

From the author of GBonGBA comes another Chip-8 emulator for the GBA. The emulator is said to have full compatibility with the Chip-8 library, most of which is freely traded as abandonware.

Download: http://mapage.noos.fr/gbongba/chip8.gba

DrChip 8
Another interpreter for the Chip-8 virtual machine created during the late 1970s. It is my understanding that the download contains some ROMs already injected into the Chip-8 emulator. The initial release in 2002 appears to have been the only release of this EMU, this is now a discontinued project.

Download: http://gbaemu.dcemu.co.uk/allgames.zip

Coleco Vision: Last updated 8/10/2008

Not much is known about this little emulator originally coded by TheHive and later abandoned back in 2004. I think v9.7 fixes the multiple ROM injector issues but I have not tried it. It was reported that version 1 was going to fix many bugs and allow for multiple ROMs, but this version was never released.

Download v9.7 Beta: http://www.zophar.net/download_file/251

A Spanish emulator that not much is known about. The emulator comes precompiled with Carnival, Cosmic Adventure, Miner 2049er, Mouse Trap, Smurfs Rescue, and Zaxxon. Other ROMs can be injected but hardware collision detection is not present.

Download: http://gbafan.pocketheaven.com/files/emu/ColecoTech.zip

A GBA port of the Colem emulator that comes precompiled with Antarctic Adventure. This emulator was never finished and runs slowly.

Download: http://gbafan.pocketheaven.com/files/emu/colem_gba.zip

Another emulator coded by GBA Dev scene guru FluBBa. A few unofficial forks have appeared using the released source code. The original release from FluBBa supports save states, a virtual joystick and Pogo Shell.

Download v.7: http://www.ndsretro.com/download/Cologne07Bin.zip

GameBoy: Last updated 3/1/2008

Coded by Reesy this emulator only saw one release before it was discontinued so that the author could focus on a Sega Master System emulator for the GBA.

Download: http://gbaemu.dcemu.co.uk/drgb.gba
Download Injector: http://gbafan.pocketheaven.com/files/emu/DrGB_Injector.zip

A fork of the Virtual Boy Advance source, this EMU is designed to play only 1 ROM at a time and has no support for Super Gameboy or Gameboy Color games. This emulator does not require an injector, a simple DOS command can be used to build your 1 ROM .gba game. The homepage has not been updated since 2002 and this is considered to be a discontinued project.

Home page: http://mapage.noos.fr/gbongba/
Download v.3a: http://mapage.noos.fr/gbongba/gbongba-0.3a.gba

As we know GameBoy games can not be played on the Nintendo DS. As a result FluBBa stepped up and created Goomba for us. According to the home page 1,145 ROMs have been tested for compatibility, along with 1,253 GameBoy Color ROMs. Goomba supports the PogoShell plugin as well as its own front end injector.

Compatibility list: http://www.webpersona.com/goomba/compatibility.html
Download Goomba 2.3: http://www.ndsretro.com/download/Goomba23.zip
How to use the front end: http://wiki.pocketheaven.com/Goomba

Pocket GB
Designed to play GameBoy games with a pallet feature similar to that found in Super Gameboy Games. The emulator is reported to have a low compatibility and limited injected .gba size issues. It quickly split from the GBA Dev scene to become a PalmOS emulator after version 1. The most current version is $19.99 shareware and does not include GBA Support. However, the older version with the GBA injector can still be found for the brave and curious Slot2 flash kit owners.

Download v.3a: http://gbafan.pocketheaven.com/files/emu/PocketGB_v03a.zip

GameBoy Color: Last updated 3/31/2008

Goomba Color
Built off of the original Goomba source code, Goomba Color adds support for both GameBoy Color and Super Gameboy games. Dwedit is still actively updating the source to include better support and bug fixes. The emulator is a direct fork of Goomba and as a result makes use of the same front end coded by Newbie.

Download 3/31/2008 version: http://www.dwedit.org/dwedit_board/attachment.php?item=150

MSX Computer System: Last updated 3/1/2008

A simple MSX emulator that supports a handful of ROMs and is currently still in development by FluBBa.

Download v.3: http://www.ndsretro.com/download/MSXAdvance03Bin.zip

Nintendo: Last updated 8/10/2008

Famicom Advance
A Famicom and NES emulator reported to be slower than PocketNES and lacking in compatibility. Not much was found about this emulator as the home page is gone and forum posts date back to 2004. We do know that it was fully in Japanese and made use of a different scaling method than PocketNES, which makes RPG text easier to read.

Download v.1: http://www.zophar.net/download_file/257
Download Collection: http://gbafan.pocketheaven.com/files/emu/F...0Collection.zip

FC Emulator for GameBoy
This application coded by Kami that actually converts a .nes ROM into a format that can be read by the Gameboy. I have not toyed with this at all and I do not know how well it works. It is listed as a Playable Demo on most ROM sites so perhaps it does nothing at all.

Download v.2: http://www.zophar.net/download_file/258

HVCA (Unofficial Famicom Advance Update)
The Home Video Computer Advance Emulator is a Fork of Famicom Advance which features Nintendo and Famicom Disk System Emulation and also the playback NSF sound files. This EMU supports the same scaling methods which chop off the top and bottom row of tiles for a better fit. HVCA also supports the Pogo Shell plugin as well as a batch injector method similiar to PocketNES. The last known update was in 2007.

*Download v1.28 through v1.40: http://mc68882.s53.xrea.com
Setup Information: http://wiki.pocketheaven.com/Hvca
*click on the "AGB" link and arrive at a public FTP.

InfoNES Advance
A port of the PC emulator designed to run on the GBA hardware. Compatibility is low as the emulator was not updated, simply ported. This is now a discontinued project and; as a result the home page no longer exists.

Download v0: http://www.zophar.net/download_file/259

GBA Dev scene old school programmers Loopy and FluBBa came together to work on the first builds of PocketNES. The emulator is currently maintained by Goomba Color’s updater, Dwedit. The current version supports a nice 90%-ish compatibility rate based off of the Goodnes 3.10 set. PocketNES supports both Pogo Shell and its own front end injector. ROMs must be compiled into the PocketNES ROM as directory browsing is not supported.

Home page: http://www.pocketnes.org/
Pocket Heaven Forum: http://boards.pocketheaven.com/viewforum.p...831f512d7001092
Download PocketNES: http://www.pocketnes.org/downloads.html
Download Dwedit’s 11/10/08 update: http://www.dwedit.org/dwedit_board/viewtopic.php?id=409
Download Dwedit's 7/5/12 update: http://filetrip.net/gba-downloads/homebrew/download-pocketnes-7-5-12-f29933.html

Sega Game Gear: Last updated 4/9/2008

See SMSAdavance in the Sega Master System area below.

Sega Master System: Last updated 8/10/2008

An early Sega Master System and GameGear emulator coded by Reesy in Assembly language, that features a custom z80 core and Pogo Shell support. As of September 17, 2005 the emulator has been discontinued. The source was never released and this remains a dead project.

Home page: http://drsms.webpersona.com/about.html
Compatibility List: http://drsms.webpersona.com/games_list_index.php
Download v.6: http://drsms.webpersona.com/dont_link_offs...rsms_ver600.zip

Pocket SMS
A Sega Master System emulator coded from scratch with support for a handful of games. A later build features support for just Sonic the Hedgehog. This emulator was discontinued in 2002 and is no longer updated as the source was never released.

*Home page: N/A
*Download Demo v5: N/A
*Download Sonic Special: N/A

*This Domain has expired, for downloads please see the compiled "master set" 7z file at the start of this post!

SMS Advance
Another attempt form FluBBa to bring old classics to your GameBoy Advance. With a relatively higher compatibility and featuring the ever important save states, this version has become the SMS EMU to have on the GBA. Game Gear games are also supported with this EMU. Dwedit recently announced that he has started work on this EMU, and FluBBa also announced that he is back to updating it as well.

Download v2.5: http://www.ndsretro.com/download/SMSAdvance25Bin.zip

Sharp X-1 Turbo Computers: Last updated 8/10/2008

X-Millenuium Advance
A Sharp X-1 Turbo Computer system emulator released only as a demo. Not much is known about the author or this emulator in general. Some screen shots have popped up, but personally I have not tried to get this working.

Screen shots: http://www.turboz.to/xmiladv/scrnshot.html
Download demo v.2: http://www.retropc.net/yui/xmiladv/xmiladv20.zip

Sinclair ZX Spectrum: Last updated 3/1/2008

The first emulator for the GBA to support the play of ZX Spectrum ROMs. The project was abandoned in 2002 as the author moved on to coding for the PS2. Foon only supports ZX Spectrum ROMs with the .z80 file extension. Some PC emulators are known to save out ZX Spectrum ROMs into the .z80 format.

Home page: http://foon.pocketheaven.com/about.html
Download v022: http://foon.pocketheaven.com/downloads/foon022.zip

Another GBA contribution from TheHive which follows in the footsteps of Foon. There are SRAM and other known bugs in this version. This project appears to have been abandoned as the home page no longer exists and updates have not been offered since 2003. This is unfortunate as the injector has multi-ROM support but will not let you switch between games, and the menu system was never fully fixed.

Download v1.0.1: http://www.zophar.net/download_file/267

Super Nintendo: Last updated 8/10/2008

Pocket SNES
This project was the first SNES emulator to run on a GBA Flash kit. While this EMU showed great promise as of 2004 the project was abandoned by Loopy. The EMU only supports a handful of ROMs and a full compatibility list was never compiled.

Compatibility: http://www.pocketsnes.net/snes_roms.htm
Home page: http://www.pocketsnes.net/index.html
Download 2/15/04 release: http://www.zophar.net/download_file/272

SNES Adavance
FluBBa took up where Loopy left off and made some advancements and bug fixes to the original Pocket SNES source code. However, FluBBa has not released an update for 2 years. Version .1F is a version created from the source by Flubba with added compatibility along with other various fixes.

Graphics Utility: http://www.zophar.net/download_file/279
SNES Advance Tools v4: http://www.zophar.net/download_file/278
Download v.01: http://www.zophar.net/download_file/273
Download v.01 Debug: http://www.zophar.net/download_file/274
Download v.1F: http://www.zophar.net/download_file/276
Download v.1F Secret of Mana Fix: http://www.zophar.net/download_file/277

Coded by Bubble2k for release on the GBA, this EMU was inspired by SNES Adavance. The compatibility was pretty good and growing until this EMU was abandoned and moved to the Slot1 EMU category. A Snezziboy Builder attaches the emulator core to the SNES ROM to produce a GBA executable ROM. Compatible with SNES Advance superdat for speed hacks and other patches.

Read the PHWIKI: http://wiki.pocketheaven.com/Snezziboy
Compatibility: http://wiki.pocketheaven.com/Snezziboy_Compatibility
Download v.26: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=166961

Text Games: Last updated 8/10/2008

A ZCode interpreter capable of playing text adventure games. This EMU features a virtual keyboard and high compatibility rate.

*Download: http://gbaemu.dcemu.co.uk/gbafrotz.shtml
Download Freeware Text Games: http://www.ifarchive.org/
*Can not direct link, but the file is on the page above

Level 9 Interpreter
Another text based game interpreter for the GBA.

Download: http://gbafan.pocketheaven.com/files/emu/level9.zip

Magnetic Scrolls Interpreter
Another text based game interpreter for the GBA.

Download: http://gbafan.pocketheaven.com/files/emu/magnetic.zip

Turbo Grafx 16 PC Engine: Last updated 3/1/2008

Coded by FluBBa to support Turbo Grafx CD-ROM games as well as other ROMs for the PCE16 system. The emulator automatically speed hacks certain ROMs for best results, however, speed is still an issue even with the current build. PCEToy is recommended to decrypt some ROMs that do not initially load.

Download v7.5: http://www.ndsretro.com/download/PCEAdvance75Bin.zip
Download v7.5 for EZ3: http://www.ndsretro.com/download/PCEAdvance75EZ3.zip
Download v7.5 for Super Card: http://www.ndsretro.com/download/PCEAdvanceSC.zip

Watara Supervision: Last updated 3/1/2008

Watara Supervision is a Chinese handheld that is reported to have GameBoy like games. Currently only a small amount of the carts have been dumped, something around 32 ROMs in all. FluBBa worked on this project briefly, it is reported to have some support but I have no tried it myself. It is designed to work with Pogo Shell, more information can be found in the official “read me” file.

Download v1.0: http://www.ndsretro.com/download/Wasabi10Bin.zip
More information on Supervision: http://slydc.20m.com/supervsn.htm
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Thanks a lot for theses ill try em on on my supercard sd


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I've been looking for these - and they were under my nose all the time!
Serious thanks for this as I've been experimenting with GBA emulators on vbagx on the wii. So far I can tell you that Foon made Spectrum games seem to work quite well.

So many dead links elsewhere are and I'm excited that I might add some systems to my wii emu roster.

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you are welcome, and sorry for the late reply. many of the files i just happened to have as i got my start with homebrew on the gba. there are so many dead links now and i'm happy i was able to archive some of the old projects. i've been meaning to go through this list and make some changes and updates, but i have not had the time. one of these days =).

-another world

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Just thought this should be updated. There hasn't been much of late but at least Goomba Color has been forked, PocketNES has seen a recent update and SMSAdvance is now at version 2.5.

Is it okay for me to add details or should the OP update the first post? :)

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Jan 3, 2008
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fixed the sms and pocketnes info. what link to you have for a new goomba color fork?

you can also PM me info, like links and information, and then i'll update the post. i actually had not checked this post in about a year and i had no idea you responded. =P

-another world


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the Pocket heaven and PocketNES sites seem to be down. Are there any links to a PocketNES rom builder?
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