Slot-2 cart with R4 Questions

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    Feb 14, 2009
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    Hello, I'm new at this and I'm sorry if this fourm already exist.
    I just have a few questions...

    1. Does the M3 Gba Expansion Pack work with an R4?

    2. If so does it have problems with saving? Because I've heard that the Expansion Pack deleats the files when the battery dies.

    3. Does the EZ FLash 3 in 1 PLUS work with an R4 or any other non-EZ Slot-1 Carts.

    4. Also is there any Slot-2 devices devoted completly to GBA games and is the easy to use?(That all I care about. I don't care for homebrew, rumble, or browser.)

    Oh and I have a DS Lite and R4.

    Thank you in advance for your answers.
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    1. No, not anymore. Roudolph took out support for the all M3 from gba exploader. you can try something else.
    2. No. People only got problems with the 3in1+, older versions have no issues.
    3. Yes and No, the 3in1+ is supported by several homebrew apps to work with any slot1. Like any homebrew app, everyone hasn't figured out all the access points to the 3in1+.

    4. go read the reviews, the offical ones and unoffical, I am not answering that one since anything on the market right now will do it.