Slot 1 and Slot 2 card recommendations

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    Sep 28, 2003

    I have been asked by a friend to find out what are the best/latest Slot1 and Slot2 combinations. They want to play NDS and GBA games and possibility of the odd movie on their NDS. Have any companies brought out a complete kit to do this i.e. The slot1 is used for NDS etc and acts as a pass card and a slot2 card for the GBA games
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    Aug 23, 2006
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    Most Slot 1's act as a Passme for a slot 2 card.

    R4 seems to be the biz at the minute, i'm happy with my Acekard though. If you need drag and drop type functionality, Acekard is not the way to go, although the Acekard+ supports FAT on certain Micro SD cards, but it depends on if you want to wait.

    Slot 2 wise, I have a Suprcard SD because it was cheap and is good for homebrew. Not so good for GBA apparently, but I dont want to run too much GBA. Pokemon & FFTA seem to work fine though.
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    My favorite GBA and DS flashcart would have to be the SuperCard Lite. It has great compatibility, it is fast and it's fairly cheap. GBA support isn't that good but I don't really use GBA much, and the extra RAM in it makes it a really good choice for homebrew and the browser hack. Check out my review of it on RomNet: Click here

    My favorite DS only flashcart is the R4. It has great compatibility, it isn't choosy about your memory card, and it has a nicely skinnable menu. The team is friendly, they have a fast website and firmware updates are frequent and come earlier than the M3 Simply. Look at my R4 Review here

    - Sam
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    R4 (Slot1) + EZ4 (Slot2)
    EZ4 may be not so good with the homebrew stuff, but it's very good in GBA stuff and not as expsive as M3.