Slightly more input lag due to "HDMI Deep Color"!?

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    Feb 24, 2014
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    So this is something that I realized playing on my PS3 as well and it seems to be the same on the PS4: When turning on "Deep Color" the picture clarity and color look/are much better but it introduces slight input lag. I don't know if it's my TV's processing being stressed more by this setting or the consoles themselves having to process more data. It's very perceivable when in the PS4 menu, holding your D-Pad right in front of your eyes and pressing left and right through the PS4 menu. It's not much delay compared to Deep Color OFF but it's there.

    Does anyone else have that problem?

    (btw, I have a 2012 LG 3D 42" TV, which has really bad processing-delay in the first place, so it might be my TV having a harder time processing the Deep Color information... Still it's weird... It's just "color")