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    DevL0rd dropped by to share some big updates to his SkyNX program. It is a program designed to allow you to stream (and control) Windows PC games from your homebrew enabled Switch and should not need any extras, and can also function as a Wii U tablet standin for the Wii U emulator Cemu. This one features a great many bugfixes of issues raised in older versions, and setup is fairly simple as well. If you are interested in remote controlling your homebrew Switch instead you might want to take a look at hid-mitm-plus.

    1.4 Changes
        Added AMD Encoding, thanks to (ibanezbass)[]
        Added Intel Encoding, thanks to (ibanezbass)[]
        Fixed auto overclock on latest CFWs.
        Paused threads on sleep. Still has sleeping issue though :/
        Extended sleep time to a ridiculous ammount to try and mitigate sleep issue.
        Slightly improved TCP stream verification.
        Fixed donate button.
    Feature list
        Stream PC games with audio to switch at 60fps!
        Handles up to 8 JoyCon pairs. (8 Players at once!)
        Motion control support for Cemu.
        Use Analog sticks and triggers to control mouse
        Use gyro to control mouse like a Wii remote.
        Built in Nvidia encoding for low latency.
        Built in AMD encoding for low latency.
        Built in Intel encoding for low latency.
        Automatically sets desktop resolution for max performance. (Optional)
        Optionally disable video to use the JoyCons as remotes on PC!
        Optionally disable audio.
        Optionally swap A and B AND X and Y.
        Handles basic touch input.
        Handles right click. (Touch with 1 finger, tap with the second)
        Handles scrolling. (Your standard 2 finger scroll.)
    1.4 release post

    Newest release tag (for future releases) and install guide

    Project Github

    GBAtemp thread
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