Sky3ds, Hans, Region free games and English patches

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    Hey everyone, I'm really sorry if these questions have been asked already; I spent a good three hours trying to search about on my own but haven't come across conclusive answers to my questions. You all have always been super helpful, so I hope you don't mind my coming to you with another few questions that are probably rather noobish :)

    I have an American new 3DS compact on the latest firmware. I buy all of my games digitally or I'd just buy an older firmware 3DS (that and my carpal tunnel makes playing the 3ds really physically painful, and the compact new 3ds makes it less so). I buy every game I enjoy, but I really need to be able to try titles first, and there's also a number of import games I want to play as well as a few English patches.

    What I'd like to be able to do are the following:

    1) Play games from other regions such as the two one piece adventure titles and Labyrinth no Kanata.

    2) Play Labyrinth no Kanata with the English patch.

    3) Try out new titles before buying them.

    I know there are some concerns that the sky3ds may not be able to get around the new AP without buying a new version of the card down the line, but there aren't a lot of titles I want to download.

    I also read that region four is not compatible with newer firmwares, but not conclusively. Some say you can use it and others not.

    I heard Hans let's you use other region titles, but not conclusively.

    I heard some sources say that sky3ds is not region free, but others say that you can get around that, and still others say that Hans can get around that.

    Lastly I read that sky3ds is not compatible with any modified or patched rom, but also that it is?

    If anyone is able to help me out I'd super appreciate it! If it's tl;dr, I'd like to play a game patched to english, play other region games, and try a few upcoming titles before I pick them up. Thank you all so much in advance!