Sky3DS 002-0123 & Gateway Rom Patcher(Possible Error?) (MH4U) (NA)

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    Mar 2, 2016
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    Hello Hello.

    After many days and tries to fix my problem I have come to the conclusion that I am confused as hell.

    New 3DS/XL Firmware 10.5.0-30U Using Sky3DS(Blue)

    So. . .

    I have a 160 hour save file on Monster Hunter 4 U and I have been trying to go online.

    I have a retail copy of the game (though I am using a different ROM on my Sky3DS).

    I have injected my private header from my original (Powersaves) into this ROM and am having the same issues still come up.

    I understand that many people have had success with using/changing templates' Chip ID's for this problem but I still have not.

    The correct Chip ID for MH4U(NA) as far as I have surmised is C2 F0 00 90.

    When I Run Gateway Rom Patcher 1.2 I can successfully inject my private header.
    When It asks me to suggest chip values (twice) I click yes and I am left with the new approximated Chip ID of C2F0FF90FFFFFFFF Macronix.
    If I try to put the ID that I believe is the correct Chip ID for MH4U (NA) into the patcher (C2F00090) and click apply it gives me the error "Chip ID must be 16 characters long".

    As for the template I have tried using the newest Sky3DS template release as well as a couple of others people suggested specifically for MH4U (CTR-P-BFGE). I have used NoBanNoSky as well as manually changing the private header in the template files.

    Is there a way with Sky3DS and Powersaves to dump my original cartridge into a ROM? Would that even be helpful? I am just completely out of ideas.

    Any help or suggestions will be appreciated.