Hacking Sky2k Review! and alittle info about 1:1...


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Sep 24, 2006
Sorry if i posted wrong place but just wanted to let people know about the site and there questions about the nds 1:1

This rock.. Lol got my stuff today! I did a full review on these guys here it is.

testimonial for Sky2k.com

They are great!!!
Full review of sky2k
At first I did not trust you but every time I had a question you guys were always good and answered VERY fast. After the buying it only took 1 day for them to ship the product!
Well in shipping you also answered every question. After 10 days the products did come I was really worried but the guys help me through and it came on the 11th day! Right on my B-day The pakage was delayed by customs lol DAM CUSTOMS! Anyway the guys at sky2k are great and have cheap prices! Cheapest on anywhere lol! I'll tell all my friends to order from you! Also they tested the products for me! They put games and stuff on too.

Also the nds 1:1 i got today... It's ok all the games work (that i tried) but it's only 254 Mb (thats the one i bought)
It does work as a passcard YAY lol... But don't get if u want to play alot of games and i don't think Homebrew works.... Don't have carma or picture taker and too lazy to make a good review... BTW i didn't get 1 :1 from sky2k i for ds link and stuff... I got nds 1: 1 at PMFM mall
**** 4 out of 5 stars
Fast shipping
Good prices
Good trustable site
Answers all questions!

Ships from china (most products)
could be delayed 1-2 days by customs
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