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  1. pembo

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    Jun 1, 2009
    For anyone interested, having tidied up the code and moved it to C++, I've now released the skinned console code that was used in BootMii Configuration Editor.

    The download can be obtained from here

    C++ Source code for
    • Console Class
    • Skins Controller/Skins Class
    • FileIO Class
    Generated Documentation
    • For all the classes
    Example Application
    • main.cpp giving a demonstration of the classes
    Once the other code has been tidied up, this will also be released - e.g. the automatic on-line update code.

    It requires the MiniXML library to compile/build. You can download this from here:
    You’ll need to extract and then copy mxml-wii\mxml\lib\libmxml.a to \devkitPro\libogc\lib\wii and mxml-wii\mxml\lib\include\mxml.h to \devkitPro\libogc\include

    The Skinned Console Library is released as fully open source, so feel free to take and use this as you wish. I only ask that if you do find any of this useful, please let me know, even if it’s just to say thanks [​IMG]
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