Skin - DS Basic For EZV

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  1. yee

    yee DOTA 4EVER

    Jul 9, 2006
    (Sorry! There's no top-screen screenshot at the moment because the EZ5-Skinner isn't very good at that yet)

    This is my version of DS Basic by TheStump for the EZ4 ported to the EZ5. I used graphics from both his version and Windows Media Player 11. This is my first attempt at skinning Moonshell, so please let me know how you like it!

    Here's a link to his EZ4 version - Click me! and download mine here!

    Skin is currently at version 1.01.

    Included are two versions, only difference is that one version has a gridded background, and the other doesn't. You can tell the difference from the screenshot above. I personally like the gridded more, but I included two versions to satisfy your taste [​IMG]

    To install, just drag and drop the images into the "shell" folder of your MicroSD.

    Thanks, and don't forget to credit TheStump as well!