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    Scene DLC is usually JTAG DLC so those using profile glitches will have to look elsewhere.
    XEX also released internals of the other already released skate 3 DLC at the same time as this.

    As it stands only the Black Box Distribution Skate Park, Skate.Create Upgrade Pack and Skate Share Pack are still to come although the share pack is useless without Live (there is some odd stuff happening with that with the after dark stuff).

    This one has been missing for a while but it is here now. The big change is that it restores local multiplayer (available in skate 2 but notably absent from the main release of skate 3- yes they pulled a fable 2 on us) description
    The party is on! Revisit some old San Van favorites along with a massive new park and get your creative Zen flowing with a new Skate.Park lot. Party Play is back so get ready for some head to head skating in Spot Battle, 1-UP, SKATE and HOM!