Skate Board bearings?

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    Best Ideal Skateboard Bearings and best prices and where to get in sydney, baulkham hills?
    Ok, Well i have had a crap board for years now and want to upgrade. I have been skating at a park called Monster Skate Park at Sydney and i enjoyed it. One day when i went there i asked my friend if i could try his board.

    His was an element board. He bought it complete and his board colour is black red white that say element on his board big.

    i tried it, it was really good and smooth when i drop in the ramps it was an ideal board but i'm wondering what bearing it had and what abec as i liked the speed and how smooth it went and it was really silent when i dropped in unlike my board it sounded like a motor.

    well i'm thinking about upgrading because right now my bearings are crap as they are abec 1's lol i know...
    and i can't be stuffed buying a complete new board as i don't have enough money on me and i'm buying all of the parts in pieces.

    so i wanna get brand new bearings and want to know the cheapest out there and the best cheap brand... many people said bones reds are the cheapest and the best but how much can i get them for in sydney? and i still want to know the abec of that element board..

    i'm actually thinking of getting an abec 7 but never tryed it yet....

    remember i'm starting from scrap to geta new board and in good prices....

    thank you

    EDIT: whats the default bearings of element section complete?
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    I get that quite often as well- if you are on the board a lot you never notice quite how bad your bearings have become until you try a board from someone else who has good bearings.

    Back on topic ABEC rating is meaningless as far as skateboard bearings are concerned (I say that as a long time skater and an engineer)- the rating deals with tolerance and at very best it will only be empirically linked to the performance so ignore it.
    The grease you use/that is used, how you treat your bearings (you guys are in summer now but if you do keep them clean (salt water is usually a killer of bearings and last time I checked that was a bit of that around your parts), material and manufacturing methods and the like will have a far greater impact on how well they perform.

    If you want some really nice bearings and are willing to spend a little then go for ceramics (they are usually about the price of a new deck (basic new deck not a high end pro model sort of thing) or a new set of trucks) although that might not be a wise idea if you favour the stair lemming approach to things (for parks/ramps they are awesome).
    If not many swear by Bones reds and indeed the few I have had have been passable (some deteriorated far quicker than I would have liked though).

    "Completes" are an odd thing- most are made in the skate shop itself and if you are in a big sports shop they are probably the cheapest and nastiest they can get ahold of.

    As for Sydney I have yet to make it into the southern hemisphere.
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    i've been skating for about 5-6 years. just recently quit (other things to do)

    The best price vs. performance bearings i've skated were Bones Reds (usually about 15 usd),
    a second choice would be Lucky 7's (usually about 20-30 usd),
    except Lucky's are more expensive and require more maintenance.

    best skateboards in my opinion are either Baker or Girl,
    rode Baker Classic Red with Bones Reds for 2 years straight, Girls' are also pretty good.
    nice pop, well built, all around good boards.

    eh, element though. don't like em too much :/

    btw, if it matters. i mostly skated street. Stairs, bombing hills, ledges, rails, quite a bit of park skating too.
    also like Fast6191 said, don't look too much into the abec rating.
    i've ridden some Abec 5's that were much smoother and much quicker than some Abec 7's i've had.

    Most likely the Abec rating of bearings on that element board were abec 5, as that's usually the default bearing that most skateshop's use when building completes.
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    thanks guys,
    but I decided to get completes becuz there cheaper and I said my board is crap so i hav a big point to get a new board than getting em in peices......

    I researched an the pieces worth more than a complete if I add altogether..

    Is element crap?
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    For starting out, Bones REDS are cheap and good. You should eventually think about Bones Swiss Ceramics. They are the fastest, strongest, lightest, and best by far. They are very, very fast, so if you haven't skated much it could be dangerous. [​IMG]
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    My friend said china red are they pratically the same?

    or a type?
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    Nov 20, 2006
    Man I miss skateboarding.

    I had the best ever ceramic bearings but I can't remember which brand they were. I fucked them up on my final ever skate run (also fucking up my wrist at the same time), which ended my skateboarding "career". Still not 100% sure how exactly everything happened, was very weird.
    My board, a very special custom Lib-tech board is still fine and very sweet.

    One day I will ride it again I'm sure! It might just be a long a quiet road, in a straight line, wearing wrist braces, but I will ride again!