Size of save for G6

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    Nov 9, 2006
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    Hey all,

    I'm thinking of getting the G6 over the DS xtreme since it seems to over way more functionality than the DS-X.

    However one point brought up in the DS-X review over here at gpatemp was that:

    "Save games are held temporarily in 2mbit of EEPROM memory on-board the DS-Xtreme.....
    But what if the game requires more than 2mbit of save space? If Nintendo decide to come out with a game that uses a 3 or 4mbit save then will the DS-Xtreme be incompatible? No. The DS-X team have told me that the EEPROM size is dynamic, and if the game needs it, it can borrow a chunk of memory off the internal 512MB of NAND flash memory, and then backup the save just as normal when the DS-Xtreme is rebooted."

    Does the G6 lite + passcard 3 have this functionality? Or would some future games just not be playable with the G6?

    Moreover, from the literature the passcard 3 is a nopass device while the ds-x can function as a passme device. Does that mean that the ds-x will only allow gba games to be run from a flashcart?

    I'd be really grateful if somebody could answer the save memory question for me since there's really nothing stopping me from getting a G6 except for that.

  2. WishCow

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    Jul 24, 2006
    Hmm I don't have an exact answer but just recently they made the save files bigger.

    At first the save files were 256kbyte, and after the Pokemon games came out they released a new firmware for the card, that made the saves 512kbyte. (which is 4mbit if you do the math)

    So I would say saves won't be a problem, but someone will probably have a more accurate answer, or correct me if I'm wrong somewhere.