Size Difference Between Unity APK's and GM:Studio APK's

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    So I've realized there is actually a rather big size different when it comes to an Android Game made with Unity

    And then the same game made with Game Maker Studio

    A while ago I ported about half of Bit.Saw to the Unity Engine for the purpose of releasing it on Android, It works well but not well enough and I don't have the time to port the entire game over

    Fast forward 6-7 Months and I've now acquired the GM:Studio Android export module for $12 thanks to Humble Bundle and can easily export the entire game to the platform

    However I noticed something

    Bit.Saw Unity Build APK w/10 Levels = 20 Megabytes
    Bit.Saw Game Maker Studio Build w/24 Levels + Level Editor = 8-10 Megabytes
    You can see how much stupid shit Unity adds in just to get it to work on the Android Platform

    Mind you there is also the thing with different codebases = different filesizes and whatnot C# is a much more robust language than Game Maker Language mind you that C# runs natively and Game Maker Language runs with the Yoyogames Runner for Android