Sites you use "passively"

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    So I clicked my tab groups button and of the nearly 500 tabs I apparently have open most are youtube it seems, mainly hour long affairs but that is a discussion for another time, and I actually quite like many things on that site. Oh and pro tip. If you are like me and get the "sign in to view this" stuff then stick nsfw at the start of the youtube part and for the most part it bypasses it, sadly it is not all porn and often just things the safety patrol decides need someone to sign in to view.
    In times past I have also been pulled up for not having accounts on certain websites, now my personal policy is wait long enough and the lustre goes away (no myspace account does not even rate, facebook is just a funny pictures outlet and crap phone book for most people I interact with these days and the list could go on). Here and somewhere else someone queried my lack of a reddit account as well.

    To that end name some sites you use passively and do not have accounts or I guess have an account but do not respond to anything.
    I covered youtube already. Go through my post history if you are bored and you will doubtless find me link there many times, been reading it for maybe a decade at this point. Never felt compelled to make an account there.
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