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    Let me start off the thread with this. I'm well aware this is a different site, however the end fact will still be the same. This is a community so everyone should start acting like it or some stricter action should start being taken due to the sheer level of activity that goes on. I would also like to state that I'm talking from a point of experience. Between both actively moderating a large forum like this as well in the past which a few amazing Moderators are aware of (Se7ensins) as well as working on a popular Minecraft site full time with over 70k customers a month. So I would like to make it clear this thread is to assist the community in the end. So I apologize if I come off as sitting on a high horse or anything.

    As I'm sure many of you are aware. This is a great community. With the amount of activity, traffic, and originality it has. Which makes it a amazing place to browse and learn new things! Well that is until you take the leap to try and become a member and contribute in your own way yourself. Then you notice how "toxic" it can really be. Between members making suggestions/ideas or even a question in a thread or even a new thread. Within seconds they are flooded with members posting spam/flaming for not knowing why x or y isn't possible or why it was already done. Which is fine and all. However there is a right way to go about it and the wrong way. For those of you who only browse. I recommend taking a glimpse at the 3ds section of the site. Since it seems like it is one of the biggest offenders. It's getting to the point were its a norm for any member here to act like its the Salem witch trials and start berating the OP now. Which isn't how we should be treating our fellow members. If you must criticize it should be done constructively so someone can at least learn from it. If you have something else that doesn't pertain to the topic at hand. Then please think of the sentence that I'm sure almost everyone one of us have heard at one point in our lives. "If you have nothing nice to say then don't say it at all."

    With my poor example out of the way, I would like to propose a fix for this. Incorporate more active moderation in the more active sections of the site, and throw out more warnings/suspensions or a rule clearification since there seems to be a big misunderstanding among the site about what is flaming and what it sheer spam now.

    I'm sure more goes on in the background of the site then I'm aware of. So I apologize if this comes off as a shot to the mods. It is not meant as one. I would just like to see a "cleaner" community in the end. I understand there has to be some leniency. However too much can be a bad thing

    Feel free to post other suggestions to my "fix" below as Im sure it comes off as more of a rant. But as I stated. I want to see this as a friendly community and would like to assist in making any changes possible in improving that stature
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    I believe that our beloved supervisor @p1ngpong could help you with this.
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    I would love any other suggestions thank you!
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    we value freedom of speech and expression.
    so we are willing to let people express themselves as freely as possible
    however we aren't willing to tolerate people insulting one another, so when we stumble upon such offensive posts (or when those get reported to us) we moderate them.

    no matter the number of staff members you throw into it, it won't ever be possible for us to read every single thread and post. So we rely on reports from users (we handle a lot of these, I'm talking hundreds every day).
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    That is understandable and I respect that completely. However I can't help but to feel that members are starting to abuse that privilege. I see you guys hopping in and out of 3ds threads all of the time and I commend you for that. However I still feel as if the freedom of speech and expression is starting to be misused and may need to be updated/clarified. For the current size of the board and the newer/different members(they change over the years)

    I understand were you're coming from with the reports. However with the suggestion of the rule clarification/update that will clear a lot of reports from your queue as well as make a friendlier community in the end. (Not that no one is friendly)
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    My biggest issue is that people feel the need to stick their nose in everything. It doesn't matter where you go, or who you are. Chances are someone will post something that disagrees with you or anyone else. Your post earlier to offer services to those who are not capable. The negativity you received from that was not warranted. Just people post for the sake of standing up for themselves, even though it's not necessary in that case.

    I honestly can say, without a doubt, that this is slowly turning into a toxic community. A bunch of slander from everyone, new and old. People trying to make a point out of someone's misfortunes.. Or even just someone posting to start a fight. It's disappointing, because when I started, this was a nice community to come to. Post questions, people answer them. Offer services, people take them. If they didn't agree with you, they either tried to maturely point out their stand on the situation, or just left it alone. That's a concept most seem to forget nowadays.

    The golden rule "Treat others how you would like to be treated". It's taught from a young age, but somehow gets lost along the way. Seriously a depressing nature of the human species. :(
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