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    Guys I want to download some new apps but I restored my comp and dont have the websites, will you give me a website that I can download some new apps. So hit me with them websites lol

    thanks for the help
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    A couple to get you started, everything I link directly or mention is freeware or has a decent freeware version and is something I use on a day to day basis as well as something I install for friends, family and whoever I am called in to help out:

    Video and audio:
    I like CCCP if you need a "codec pack":
    For audio I use media player classic (included with CCCP) and MP3tag to name and tag my files:
    To rip cds I tend to use exact audio copy nowadays:
    Copying DVDs is a slightly more complex task but between ripit4me is great for the initial decryption stage (it acts as a frontend to the legendary DVD decrypter)

    Trillian an IRC, MSN, AIM.... messenger and in many cases surpasses the original/standard app:

    Notepad++ (an exceptionally good notepad replacement):

    Assorted junk:
    Windows tweakers (normally the apps that take up most of my time when installing/restoring a system) can be grabbed from the link above and:

    Some AV and firewall software:
    zone alarm

    If you have an ATI graphics card (especially a laptop one as they are rarely if ever updated by the manufacturers) I highly suggest looking at Omega Drivers:

    If you are on this site then the chances are you have some roms floating around so you will need some stuff to organise and check them:
    Offline list:
    ADVANsCEne's dats:
    No-Intro DATs (good for other systems) (do a text search on the page for offline list):

    Internet, firefox works for me and there was an nice discussion of extensions on GBATemp a little while back:

    That should help get your system into a halfway acceptable state, it does for me anyhow. Post back if you want some more specific apps for various things.