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    Sep 7, 2006
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    - Live? I guess the city doesn't have any special places other than hotels.

    - Try gracing restaurants in the less occupied parts of the cities (inquire for 'hawker centers') These hawker centers have poor environments in comparison with the more commercialized restaurants, but usually have great and cheap food. You have to try some of the specialties of the chinese, malays and indians, such as indian rojak, roti prata, black pepper crab, and hainanese chicken rice.

    - Sad to say there isn't really much to do in Singapore other than shopping. There is a really interesting theatre though. It's called the Esplanade and it's in the shape of a durian. It can be located in Bugis. I strongly recommend a visit. If you would prefer going to the beach, East Coast Park or Sentosa is quite nice.

    - Zouk, Ministry of Sound? I don't know, I haven't really been to these places. Heh.

    When are you coming to Singapore? The weather now is pretty warm, even for Singapore standards.
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