Hacking Since 11.8 3DS software update I can't install anything, 3DS can't see files


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Nov 1, 2020
First, I want to apologize for my English. It's hard to explain my problem in my language. I have to do it in english.
It started with 11.8 update. You know, brick etc. I remember all games and programs were gone. I don't remember how but I fixed it. During this time I played from time to time. Today i wanted to convert a .3ds game to cia. I've uploaded manually a new version of luma and godemode to the card and game with .3ds extention. And there is a big problem. Godemode and FBI they cannot see the files that I copied to the card before the 11.8 update. Luma is still in 9.1v, FBI can't see new folders and files but can see files and folders which are not on the card. For example if I want to install Godemode and I put gm9 folder into card, run Godemode and select scripts I can see "0:gm9/scripts No usable entries found". FBI and file manager in Godemode does not see this file either. It's the same if I create a directory named ABC1234. It is also invisible.
What is wrong? How can i fix it?

P.S. I removed flashcard with memory card and turned on 3DS strange thing has happen. Nothing has changed. All the games I have on the card are in 3DS's memory, each one can be turned on and can be played.
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