Simply Skin v1.0a - Theme creation app for M3S/R4

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    May 10, 2006
    Simply Skin v. 1.0a - Create R4/M3 skins with ease!

    A simple skin/theme creation program designed for making M3S/R4 skins.

    It doesn't have that many features yet, but I'm open for suggestions!

    Currently it can create all 4 skin .bmp files and a customized theme.ini.
    It will create icons.bmp from a background image and three 72x72 images, so you don't have to worry about putting them in an icons.bmp, aligning them correctly, etc.

    Background images are resized automatically (may not look that great, but probably better than if you had resized them using MS Paint). If you don't want this, just provide a 256x192 image.

    The 72x72 images will be transparent, using the color of the bottom left pixel in the image as transparent color. So, if you fill the transparent parts with a rarely used color, like magenta, it will show up transparent on the picture.

    There is currently no way of creating project files for modifying later, but it's possible to open an existing theme.ini.

    The program will also show a preview of the skin so you know exactly how it will look before you put it on your MicroSD.

    It will also save a screenshot of how the skin will look on a R4.

    NOTE: If you have Fraps on your computer, disable the FPS display, or it will show up on the saved .bmp's [​IMG]
    Also make sure you have DirectX installed.

    Download: Click Here (lame hyperlink title)