WIP Simple Script For Easy and Fast Access To Fusee Gelee Under Macos

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    Sep 23, 2017
    Simple Script For Easy Access To Fusee Gelee

    Just Replace Fusee-Launcher location and payload and youre all set!

    For Macos ONLY!

    also before running this script please install:

    *python3 *pyusb *libusb *fusee-launcher *some payload *brew *textmate


    1. download the zip file!
    2. open the file with your favorite text editor (mines textmate!)
    3. replace the entrys of fusee launcher and payload locations with your fusee launcher location and payload location!
    4. open terminal
    5. drag and drop fusonic to the terminal!
    6. type your mac password!
    7. put your switch into rcm!
    8. connect your switch to your mac!
    9. profit!
    hope you are lazy now!


    note: i'm not responsible for ANY broken swoshes!

    if you have suggestion for the script i will love to hear from you!

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