Simon (memory game) for Nintendo Wii

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    May 14, 2008
    Hey all,

    I'm new to homebrew development and have just started learning and developing Gamecube homebrew 5 days ago. I wanted to do something simple and came up with this game. I was going to release my first game for Gamecube but now since wiiuse is included in devkitPro r15, I've just quickly moved to the Wii controls.

    So I give you Simon v0.3 for the Nintendo Wii, my first homebrew game. Comes with the included icon.png and meta.xml for HBC. Interested to hear your comments on my first homebrew game.

    Simon for Nintendo Wii
    Everyone's favourite memory game makes it to the Nintendo Wii.


    View the Youtube Video
    View the WiiBrew Wiki

    Download: Simon v0.3

    teknecal (

    Run the included ELF with your favourite method to boot homebrew.
    Uses the Wiimote Controller.

    Use the Wiimote as below & rotate 45 degrees clockwise (you'll get the hang of it)
    [ + - - oo]

    Up Button = Red
    Right Button = Green
    Left Button = Blue
    Down Button = Yellow

    5 June 2008 (v0.3)
    - Now uses the Wiimote

    3 June 2008 (v0.2)
    - Added graphics and sound

    30 May 2008 (v0.1)
    - Initial Release

    In the main screen, use up and down to increase / decrease the animation speed.
    Source code is included [​IMG]

    Uschghost - Used your snake source to start off v0.2 as it was a fine example of
    a game that had graphics and sound - Used your Bmp2Gc application

    Paul ( - Used images/sounds from your simon game
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    Nice, just tried it and it works well. My only suggestion is to maybe used actual sound recordings for the simon tones. The ones in the game sound kinda chinsey.
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    Jun 7, 2007
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    I'm looking into coding some fairly simple stuff myself and this source will definitely help. Will test it out when I get home, thanks!