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    Oct 24, 2002
    In 2291, in an attempt to control violence among deep space miners, the New Earth Government legalised "no holds bared" fighting.

    Liandri Mining Corporation, working with the N.E.G., established a series of leagues, and bloody public exhibitions.
    The fight popularity grew with their brutality. Soon, Liandri discovered that the public matches were their most profitable enterprise.
    The professional league was formed; A cabal of the most violent and skilled warriors in known space, selected to fight in a grand tournament.

    Now it is 2341. 50 years have passed since the founding of Deathmatch. Profits from the tournament in the number in the hundreds of billions.

    You have been selected to fight professional league by the Liandri Rules board. Your strength and brutality is legendary.
    The time has come to prove you are the best.
    To crush your enemies.
    To win the tournament.

    You can sign up for any, including more than one, of the following leagues:

    Deathmatch("Battle". I shouldn't even need to say this.)
    TeamGame("Battle" on teams.)
    Last Man Standing("Survivor".)
    Juggernaut("Prime Hunter".)
    Assault("Bounty" on teams.)
    Capture the Flag("Capture the Octolith"... Why'd they even call it that? I can understand an Octolith as a flag, but they've confused so many n00bs and newbs.)
    Lord of the Ring("Defender".)
    Domination("Nodes" on teams.)

    Stage is random, matches will consist of as many players as possible. When a game ends, the winner is announced by everyone who played. Disconnect counts as a loss. You can use anything to win, short of genuine cheating.(Application of a patch trainer, or personal modification of game data, use of a cheat device. Pallate swaps are fine.)

    Onece you have won in the league you signed up for, there will be a final series of showdowns. The setting is the same as Deathmatch, but it will be one-on-one games.
    For team games, you must form a team before the tournament begins, and use that team throughout the tournament. When you advance, so does your team. When you win in the league you signed up for, your team advances, and is disbanded. You will then compete against them in the first round of the final tournament.

    If you know somewhere to advertise this, please do. My goal is to make this the biggest, and most brutal tournament for this game possible.
    If you're worried about people being unfair? Be unfair. It's unlikely you'll come across people like this much, anyway.

    This is meant to be a truly grand tournament. If anyone can sponsor this for a prize, or if anyone knows someone who can, or generally anything like that, please, let me know.

    Sign up on the forums farther down in this post.(You don't need to register, though it's recommended.) If you want, you can sign up in the official topic on GameFAQs, as well.
    The official forum for this tournament is http://z14.invisionfree.com/Liandri_Tournament/

    It doesn't matter how good you are. See how far you make it. Who knows, maybe you'll make it to the semi-finals, or something, and have bragging rights!
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