Shut down Error in friends list?

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    Apr 3, 2007
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    Don't know exactly what is the problem here.. It nearly scared the life out of me though..

    Well, for the past 30 minutes I've been trying to get my Wii online to add friend codes and stuff, but it's been very confusing since I have a Japanese Wii (with a wiikey installed). Every time I try and connect to my router it's giving me errors, so I look up the error number on the nintendo site and it isn't even listed there! (it's 754122) So I go into my friends list, flip the blank pages and until about the 4th or so page and the screen goes black! It gives me that error in Japanese that tells me to turn off my system, etc. So I do and turn it back on (strange, I notice the light on the wii power button is orange.. it's online? wtf?) And go into a burnt game and it works fine. I thought I messed up my Wiikey or something because it looked like it updated in one of the hundred attempts I made to connect.

    Anyone ever get an error on your Wii to turn off your wii when you're browsing through the pages on your Wii friend list?