Shows (or films or books) you can/would/should miss an entry in.

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    I have a feeling I have done this before but I will go it again.

    The other week I watched that Bloodline show that Netflix did. I accidentally missed episode 10 though and watched it a week or so later after I had finished the rest of the series (only a handful of episodes)

    Turned out I missed very little of note, and indeed I reckon it probably improved things.

    A few years prior I started the newer Battlestar Galactica but missed the opening TV film/miniseries
    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    The Shield famously had an episode in a later series called "copilot" which was the pilot's story but from a different angle. I saw this one before I saw the pilot.

    In films there are many people with their own thoughts on how to watch Star Wars.

    Books have all sorts of things like this, especially if you go more in for the scifi/fantasy 30 book things. Also as a rule of thumb I never read prequels.

    Thoughts, anecdotes and the experiences others have had are what traditionally follows in this sort of thread.
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    A lot of the James bond movies. Moonraker, man with the golden gun, never say never again. Even the really cheesy entries are at least enjoyable, but those ones are just unwatchable.
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    Anime's which have tons of filler is the only thing I can think of right now