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    Dec 1, 2012
    Hello there,

    Have anyone of you tried the Shovel Knight coop ? I played it a little bit and I find that the body blocking ruins the whole experience. The game is supposed to be fast and challenging, and constantly failing and dying because of hitting/being blocked by/blocking/knock back/being knocked by your partner is very infuriating.

    As you can't go past your partner because he blocks you, I feel like most of the game consists in having one of the players to wait behind the other one. When you have an enemy, the player which is not in front of him can't hit him and can't do anything but wait, or shovel the butt of the other player to slow him down.

    When there are challenging platforming sequences that involes the shovel jump, both players can't jump on the same platform because one will bounce on top of the other, most of the time causing immediate death of one if not both of the players.

    We may be bad players, but this is our experience so far. We feel that the game would be far more enjoyable without the body blocking, it makes it almost unplayable.

    What do you feel about it ?

    inb4 git gud
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