Should I stay awake all night and wait for a call from my parents or sleep?

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    Oct 25, 2015
    At midnight (local time for France) my little brother called me. The call got cut while he was talking. Since then I have been regularly calling on evrybody's cellphone, but I get the voicemail right away and sometimes even SMS don't tells me the message couldn't be sent but I still have credit...
    They are in a remote place with not much signal which probably explain the issues, but it's also a place subjected to floods, and there was an alert recently, so they might also have a lot of water in the flat now, and more serious matters to attend to than answering the phone.
    I also have no other mean to get in touch with them than the phone. There's no wifi nor computer with ethernet.
    The result is that I am worried, and wondering if I should : - wait until they call back (the chair in front of the computer is not really confortable but I am used to getting to bed late so a sleepless night would probably be possible)
    - call at regular intervals until morning
    - go to sleep and hope for the best and call in the morning. It's almost 3 in the morning in France, so I suppose that if they are safe they are sleeping...

    I am waiting for your suggestions. In the meantime, i'll stay in front of the computer and try to call again every half hours...
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    Always thougth that when you can't do anything about a situation you should just not care,i understand that you are woried but it won't change anything so you should just get to sleep instead of waisting your nigth
    if they are in trouble they migth not have the time to call you and if they are not then you waist a nigth for nothing
    so just get to sleep and have a good nigth =)

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    adding that calling them in a dangerous situation migth just reduce their chance to get off of it without any injuries
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